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Approved#1PostSubject: Arlon   Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:02 pm

Name: Arlon
Homeplanet: Abraxis
Sentience: Sentient

The Arlon species is broken up into several sub species which all have their different strengths and weaknesses making them the jack of all trades, when the sub species are alone and not together they have rather easily exploitable weaknesses. However due to only one Arlon sub species (Eaglefolk) having marrow in their bones they often lack strength so as such they lean more towards intelligence which is one of the reasons for their advanced technology.

each of the sub species is vulnerable to different things though capable of complimenting their weakness when together. ex: Seagullfolk are born mentally inept or child like and as such very few are capable of command so they are often commanded in battle by Eaglefolk, removing this commander can cause chaos. One common weakness all sub species except for the Eaglefolk share is the lack of marrow in their bones making them incapable of dealing any significant blunt trauma and leaving them heavily vulnerable to it.


(All Arlons have wings on their back and unless specified can fly. additionally all have three digit hands)

Hawkfolk: Standing at 8'' tall and covered in blue and white feathers with orange eyes, like most Arlons they are avian humanoids. The hawkfolk have short but sharp beaks and a 6' talon protruding from each of their feet. Lastly they are rather slim in their build like most Arlon's due to their lack of bone marrow.

Ostrichfolk: Standing at 9'' tall with a bald neck and head the Ostrichfolk have a body covered in brown and white feathers with rather long legs that makes up most of their body. Their eyes are also rather large and allow for far sight and they have a short and stubby beak with flat feet as well. They are also much like the Eaglefolk incapable of flight but this is not due to bone marrow like it is with the Eaglefolk but rather that their wings are to short to lift them off of the ground. The Ostrichfolk have a slim and light weight build which makes them capable runners.

Owlfolk: At 8'' tall with large multi coloured eyes the Owlfolk are covered in either black, brown, grey or white feathers. They have either yellow, orange or black beaks and feet. The Owlfolk have sharp talons but only three on their feet unlike Hawkfolk or Eaglefolk who rather have four. Owlfolk have a slim build but are slightly more hardy due to their environment.

Eaglefolk: Proud and boastful warriors the Eaglefolk are the largest of the sub species standing at 10'' tall with brown, white, black, grey or in rare cases red feathers. The Eaglefolk possess a small often yellow eye as well. The eaglefolk do like all Arlons have wings on their back but are not capable of flight due to having marrow in their bones, this has instead led all Eaglefolk to obtain siginificant muscle mass and strength something most Arlons are incapable of.

Seagullfolk: By far the oddest sub species Seagullfolk stand at 5-6'' tall on average and always have pure white feathers but can sometimes have different patches of multi coloured feathers with small yellow eyes which they are capable of widening to freighting proportions. The Seagullfolk are also the only species which does not posses talons of any kind but rather has flat webbed feet, though has sharp claws on their hands to make up for this. The Seagullfolk have a rather small build being the shortest and lightest of the Arlon species though are capable of mass reproduction.

Ravenfolk: With jet black feathers and small dark eyes the Ravenfolk stand at 8'' but have rather small talons compared to the other races and do have large beaks second to only the Eaglefolk. The Ravenfolk though may dye some of their feathers certain colours to represent their families, political affiliation, beliefs, etc. The Ravenfolk have a slim build much like the Hawkfolk.

Macawfolk: The Macawfolk stand at 8'' tall with beautiful multi coloured feathers with a wide range of variety with small sky blue eyes. The Macawfolk have a very unique beak that is rather short but wide and points downwards rather then outwards. Much like Ravenfolk they have rather short talons that are not capable of much. Lastly the Macawfolk also have a build similar to the Ravenfolk and most sub species leaving them slim and light weight due to the lack of marrow in their bones.


All Arlons worship the same set of nine gods split up into three main groups, Gods of Order: Aridar, Jax, Nelphyea and Oren. Gods of Chaos: Jamax, Vengra, Nemen and Hamal. Lastly the god of balance is Farthos.

The Arlon culture today is a mixture of all of the sub species culture, though a similar language was developed amongst the sub species to make communication and coordination easier. All individual languages of the sub species are now extinct.

Hawkfolk: Hawkfolk are natives to the Tyltian mountain range which borders the green sea. The Hawkfolk established isolated settlements within these mountains and by the sea.

The Tyltian mountain range however had much to offer in the way of valuable metals which helped to create armor and weaponry for the nobles of the aristocratic Hawkfolk society. Eventually as their culture furthered developed so did its emphasis on honor and good deeds

Nobles were warriors, leaders and men of character who swore oaths to their native territories and vowed equality for all.

Hawkfolk diplomacy before was present but usually just to make the Nobles feel good about themselves. The Hawkfolk in reality felt themselves superior to all sub species and believed that they were nothing without their guidance.

This tension and feeling of superiority reached its boiling point merely fifty years after the first unification wars when the Hawkfolk set out on a campaign to conquer the globe and unite it under their rule. Armies and cities feel before them and the Ostrichfolk, Owlfolk and Eaglefolk surrendered to them. However the Hawkfolk fleet and army was destroyed and humiliated at the battle of Num Num Supreme. After the Seagullfolk ran out of Boulders for their catapults they hurled their own forces at them which proved to be effective. The Seagullfolk pursued the Hawkfolk army now on the retreat and became the only foreign force to ever Occupy the Hawkfolk capital of Valadria.

After the war the Hawkfolk's culture of aristocracy was fading and they began to lead towards diplomacy with the other races which they proved to be superb in.

Today the Hawkfolk have the most impact on the Republic politically and some fear that this may bring a return to their feeling of superiority and their aristocratic lifestyle. They serve as diplomats and compose a large chunk of the regular infantry within the republic.

The Ostrichfolk were natives to the vast sands of the Yen desert and were beset upon by the harsh heat and creatures for long periods of time. They eventually though began to form settlements among the Oasis's scattered throughout the desert.

However the Ostrichfolk discovered that the desert they called home was not so Barren after all. Nearly unlimited deposits of gold, gems and other luxury goods were found within the sands. The Ostrichfolk constructed grand cities and established trading caravans to trade with their own and the other sub species which is how they gained much of their wealth.

Soceity became oligarchic in nature and as such those that controlled the trade controlled the people and the cities. This would change with the unification wars however and a monarchy was put in place as well as voting booths and public assemblies for the people. The rich however still held and continue to have great power and influence.

In terms of foreign relations the Ostrichfolk seemed for most of their history to have little interest in war as war interfered with trade. However when forced into war they would merely let attrition kill their enemies as few besides them could survive the wrath of the desert.

Today Ostrichfolk serve as economists for the republic as well skirmishers and scouts for the military due to their incredibly fast speed.

The Forests of the whispering winds is a place where time itself seems to slow down and paranoia overwhelms any unlucky or lost traveler. Those who do not learn how to properly survive and trick the spirits are quickly done away with.

This is why the Owlfolk were the only ones to be able to carve out a life in their land. They began constructing multiple minor settlements but realized that intelligent but scattered minds were still exactly that, scattered. The minor settlements joined together in the heart of the forest and established the capital and only major settlement Ilythia.

The Owlfolk stressed a individual who either fought battles of wit or one who stayed out of direct conflict with a hidden blade. A place of science and philosophy Ilythia quickly became a bastion of intelligent and free thought and though still ruled by a matriarch the Owlfolk enjoyed great freedom even before the unification wars.

In terms of Foreign affairs the Owlfolk rathered to use assassinations and other espionage tactics to weaken their enemies. They would never face their enemies in head on battles but would instead trick them and use superior and well thought out tactics.

Today the Owlfolk serve as scientists, hidden blades and snipers to the republic. Though the Arlon race prides itself on intellect there is no doubt that the Owlfolk are the superior ones among them.

On a lonely mountain island large flightless birds carved out settlements into the marble mountains and made it their new homes.

The Eaglefolk believe that strength matters above all else for a person and that brain if not backed up by brawn is useless. For Eaglefolk life is a constant test to prove your strength. If you surpass one obstacle you are expected to push yourself until you are about to break. Ones standing amongst their society is determined by their feats. An Arena was established in ever city as a way to earn glory and to entertain but they were abolished after the unification wars.

Eaglefolk and Seagullfolk due to their proximity were constantly clashing both at sea and on the disputed islands between them. These often ended in either the Eaglefolk or Seagullfolks favor with territory switching hands often. One instant though had a Eaglefolk warlord swallowed alive by a ''Giant yummy'' he cleaved his way to the brain and brought the city down while his Warriors ravaged the Seagullfolk defenders. The Skeleton of the giant beast remained on the island until the destruction of Abraxis.

Today Eaglefolk largely serve as warriors within the Republic army with a large amount of them having reached officer rank.

Seagullfolk: The Seagullfolk used to live an even worse existence then the one they do now. Seagullfolk lived in small groups on the lagoons of a large chain of islands on the sea and were often prey to the many coastal creatures of Abraxis.

The Seagullfolk however began to take their true role in the universe as the parasites they are and began forming their colonies on the back of the colossal Titanus Brachyuras which the Seagullfolk named ''big yummies'' They had originally intended to devour the parasites and then the crab itself but were not able to get past the shell. Evidence suggests that at first the Seagullfolk just forgot they had wings and began to construct settlements on the crab rather than move to other hunting grounds.

This incredibly display of idiocy accidentally saved their species from what would have most likely been extinction as the Seagullfolk now had a chance to build up their numbers and further develop their settlements. Eventually certain individuals among the Seagullfolk had shown signs of hyperintelligence. They took roles as leaders among soceities adorning themselves as ''Broodlords'' and these separate Broodlords began battling others for resources.

The Seagullfolks culture seems to be an insult to all sentient species. In their soceity they have a strange sense of equality as discrimination seems to not exist but this is entirely due to their inability to even fathom such a concept. They seem to have no regard for sanitation, social standards, living conditions, self appearance or how they are viewed in Arlon society. For ''entertainment'' the Seagullfolk will race snails, scream, have eating contests and will often day dream and stare off into space. Broodlords seem to be the only exception to these rules and they will often become depressed after realizing how closely associated they are with their people.

The Seagullfolk often clashed with Eaglefolk before the unification wars in border disputes. They also single handedly brought the war of Hawkfolk aggression to an end.

The Seagullfolk are often regarded as ''the shame of the republic'' but they have been invaluable for republic campaigns due to their numbers and complete disregard for their own lives.

Ravenfolk: The flat and fertile plains of the Abraxian steppes provided the Ravenfolk with all they needed to begin developing large agricultural settlements. They then began taming the wild creatures that lived on the plains and used them as beasts of burden, pets and most importantly battle mounts and companions.

The Ravenfolk favored and value all members of society. A farmer is seen to be just as important as a cavalry rider as he is the one who feeds him while the rider is the one who drives off beasts or bandits who would destroy the crops. The Ravenfolk often use the taming of a wild beast of the plains as a initiation rite for both males and females to pass into adult hood. Their cities began expanding more and more. The Industrial revolution greatly impacted their society as they began construction factories and began producing affordable goods to be distributed worldwide. They pride themselves on efficiency and hard work but do not forget their roots and still value a simple farm as much as they do a sprawling factory.

The Ravenfolk were locked often into combat with the Macawfolk as they sought to expand the plains of their home region and would often try to burn down sections of their rain forest. These raids were met with mixed success. They continued even after the unification war but ceased when an embargo on their factory and farm produced goods was threatened by the other sub species shortly after the dawn of the Industrial revolution.

Today the Ravenfolk are factory workers and farmers for the Republic but in the military their cavalry is often used with the standard shock tactics of the republic. They along with the Hawkfolk also form a chunk of the regular infantry.

Macawfolk: The Macawfolk were blessed with a lush and relatively safe rainforest in which they built tree houses that soared above the jungle floor and filled the large clearings with grand temples to the spirits of the rainforest.

The Macawfolk lived in a peaceful society dominated by chiefs and spiritual advisors and shamans. They built a grand city for all tribes in the center of the jungle where they believed all energy in the world would pass through at some point. They resolved conflict through talk and diplomacy and vowed never to raise the bow for a purpose other then hunting.

This changed when the Ravenfolk begun their first expanses into the Jungle. The Macawfolk who were relatively isolated up until this point saw the Ravenfolk as demons sent to destroy their paradise. They used magic and any techniques they could to quell the fires and mounted a defensive campaign using guerilla warfare to deter the Ravenfolk from entering the Jungle. Once the Ravenfolk stopped their raids centuries of conflict and hatred were mended and eventually the Ravenfolk and Macawfolk grew to respect each other.

The Macawfolk today serve as some of the last Mages of the republic. They also serve as sharp shooters and as experts of Guerilla warfare.


The Arlon sub species had each evolved separately from each other and when they had reached sentience began to establish isolated settlements. They often made contact with each other only to resort to warfare as they fought over resources, land or feelings of supremacy and superiority. This is known as the age of strife and lasted three thousand years before the Hawkfolk known as Alvar set out in the unification wars to bring the sub species under a single united government known as the Republic. After a long and gruesome conflict and skillful diplomacy he succedded and he and the other lords establish the republic government. Trouble did not end their though as there was still minor conflicts and the Hawkfolk themselves attempted to seize control in a bloody offensive but were beat back by the Seagullfolk. This was to be the last major conflict between the Arlons as they focused on developing technology and improving their infrastructure. Eventually under the Owlfolk Lady Oera the Arlons were capable of warp travel after one hundred and fifty years and have since then been spreading the ideals of the Republic and their race throughout the stars.
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