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 Urgent: Crime queen wanted.

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Celestial Writer
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The pirate queen

Drosden Pirate Fleet
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Approved#1PostSubject: Urgent: Crime queen wanted.   Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:41 am

Target's Name
Kat Kheylana

Target's Description
Kat Kheylana is an elven woman with a rather small stature. One of the more notable things about her are her distinct purple eyes and the fact she literally wears the skull of a rival captain as a shoulder pad and a brown bandana with all sorts of flowers she almost always wears. Her skin tone is rather hispanic looking, she has brown hair and wears leather clothing and armor. 

Target's Crimes
-Organized crime
-Drug trafficking
-Illegal sales
-Possesion and sales of illegal goods
-Terrorism charges
-Home invasion
-Car and shipjacking
-Multiple cases of manslaughter
-High profile assassinations
-Violence towards authority
-Murder of an authoritary figure in service
-Bribery and blackmailing
-Piracy of all sorts

Contract Details/Requirements
Out of concerns for the safety of the hunter, the target is required dead and bringing in an item related to the target is sufficient (I.E her rifle, her skull shoulderpad, her bandana, pictures of the body etc.). However, those that can bring her in alive will get a massive bonus. The money is offered and supplied by various governments seeking to end her crime spree.

Last Known Whereabouts
Unknown, Kat is a very hard person to track down, hence the high price. She is usually found on one of the many warships she posseses.

Dangers of Target
There is a reason she has so far eluded capture of the combined forces of several governments. She is an insanely skilled sniper and even in close combat she is rather dangerous, having a number of means to defend herself ranging from sharpened fans of war to pistols that ricochet off of solid objects. If the fact she is insanely dangerous to engage isnt enough to scare off even skilled hunters, she is never alone. She is almost always surrounded by large numbers security, pirate goons and heavies that work for her. That and her ships are hard to infiltrate making direct combat - one of the more difficult angles the best way to engage her.

Contract Reward
While the primary objective is just to secure a safe trade route, capturing her alive will earn the bounty hunter a significant bonus in the form of being able to auction her off between governments that will get greater public recognition for recovering the most notorious pirate alive and keeping her in their jail. The base bid for her on this auction will be 10k in addition to the base price and as government officials may extend their office time with Kat in their jails.
Base bounty: 15 thousand
Alive : 10k base bid, in addition to the base bounty and the upgoing auction prices.
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Bronze Writer
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Thorn Ironhart

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Urgent: Crime queen wanted.   Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:26 pm

June 14, 2566

Thorn Ironhart applying for the bounty
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Urgent: Crime queen wanted.

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