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 Just business...

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#1PostSubject: Just business...   Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:16 am

The immortals... A small band of heroes/friends that together strived to end injustice and slavery in their lands that over a span of roughly 5000 years evolved into a massive media empire/abolitionistic faction that on their conquest to secure the freedom of the innocent would hit many bumps. They would make alliances but also enemies. They would recruit many heroes but also lose heroes and at the peak of their strength and influence surrounding nations would unite against them and wage war against them to install their beliefs in a way not unlike the immortals would try to end slavery. They would fight valiantly against these other factions but never see the end of this battle...

During the war, a void born woman would take advantage of the fact that the higherups trusted her and perform a hostile takeover hoping to end the war, she would not do this through negotiation though... A zombie virus that has been harvested from a nearby planet would be made into a weapon but restricted by Tower out of ethics. The zombie virus would be locked away and not see the light of day for years... But when Ayil Yishal, the daughter of Keya and Srox killed Tower and took his place she authorized the use of the decomisioned zombie virus that would be used indiscriminatly against but her enemies and the resistance that wanted to see Ayil brought to justice for her hostile takeover...

Years later, the entire sector would lay in ruins... Perhaps because of the zombie virus that was used but it was seemingly another one, perhaps a new strain... Not only did most of the immortals either retreat or die due to the virus but also did the surrounding factions... Death has claimed them all indiscriminatly regardless of their race, origin or apearance. there were several remnants of these factions most survivors were from the immortals ironically and they formed a small faction that focused on helping the other survivors out of the teritory. They would eventually live to see themselves become evil though as they would be incorporated into the drosden pirate fleet. The drosden pirate fleet saw a chance to make alot of profit and improvement from the dead factions and swung by the planets to get their hands on the powerfull immortal technology such as their raider armor schematics, their teleporters and their personal shields

This would prove to be harder than they thought as the zombies that were created by the zombie virus of Ayil. They were stronger than any other zombie virus and Kat lost alot of soldiers to the undead but eventually did get the schematics for the tech she wanted so badly as well as the means to create more of these to supply her pirate crew. But that wasnt enough for Kat, she didnt only want some of it, she wanted all of it. She commandeered an abandoned mosquito hunter that was as good as undamaged and used the artillery on it to pound the ground before sending troops down to collect the items that the immortals have left behind. In a matter of days, everything was taken, not even one shoulderpad was left behind... All of these would be salvaged, painted and repurposed for pirating use. With military technology and a means to create military equipment to their disposal as well as access to a large number of ships, these pirates would soon make a name for themselves... And their queen would soon be one of the galaxy's most wanted...
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Just business...

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