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 The drosden pirate empire

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#1PostSubject: The drosden pirate empire   Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:17 pm

A criminal empire that has been ruled and raised by the elf that goes by the name of Kat Kheylana. The drosden pirate syndicate is quite possibly the largest and best organized criminal group to ever leave a mark on the galaxy and while their intents are usually focused on profiteering, heisting and terrorist attacks, their roots run back to the massive faction that was the immortals. The drosden pirate empire has reclaimed and repurposed alot of the military grade armor, ships, vehicles, weapons and technology for pirate use. They have a large number of ships as they usually commandeer ships they raid and unlike when they started out when they were just petty pirates, now each pirate soldier is well equiped and ready for combat. While they suffer from the same drawbacks the immortals did they are much less interested in public relations and will gladly raid, kill and force their way through any situation.

Despite being pirates, the drosden pirate fleet still carries the morals and ideals the immortals had. Despite being much less interested in enforcing the regular laws, they will very oftenly enforce the undying laws. While most of their equipment is reclaimed immortal gear, they also salvaged vehicles, weapons, ships, armor and all sorts of equipment from the other factions that were waring with eachother at the time. As such their fleet is very varied and can range from repurposed immortal warships to salvaged fighters and frigates. While they deal in all sorts of goods, just like the immortals they resent slavery and will actively target anyone else that deals in it. Liberates slaves will be brought to their homeplanet of pirate's cove where they will be given treatment and a chance to get their lives back.

The pirates all serve their 'queen' Kat Kheylana. Their ruling system functions alot like french renaissance royal society but with some different mechanics. As such the pirate is only allowed to be ruler if they can fend for themselves so they have no bodyguards and have to defend themselves against assassins. Killing the pirate king/queen through betrayal and trickery can leave others to debate your legitimacy to reign, the better way is to challenge a pirate ruler to a duel or assassinate them or defeat them in combat wich is the least likely option as they do no longer fight eachother.
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The drosden pirate empire

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