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 Alarans (Night Elves)

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Approved#1PostSubject: Alarans (Night Elves)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:05 am

Name: Alaran/Night Elf
Homeplanet: Alaris
Sentience: Sentient


Healing Magic - Night Elves value all life and do their best to preserve it. Because of this, most Night Elves have a natural talent for healing magic and train hard to develop this talent to its fullest potential, with some more powerful Night Elves managing to fully ressurect the dead in rare cases.

Divine Foresight - Such a powerful natural connection to magic has allowed many Night Elves to have glimpses into the future. This ability can be done to view the future in general or it can be used directly on people to look into their specific future.

Enchanting - With no inherently offensive magical abilities in their arsenal, many Night Elves choose to train as enchanters, allowing them to imbue their weapons with the magical abilities that they physically lack.


As physically weak as most other races

Night Elves can often be blinded from dedicated use of their foresight abilities

Alarans are on average around the same height as Humans. They have light purple skin, glowing blue eyes, and tend to maintain vibrantly coloured hair. Due to their focus on mental and magical strength rather than physical strength, most Alarans have a very slender build.

Alaran culture focuses heavily on magic and the worship of nature. Alarans believe all life to be sacred and as such, are very selfless in their quest to help others. Due to the fact that the Alarans are very secretive about their homeworld however, it is unknown if Alarans have any form of gods and deities outside of nature and life itself.

The Alarans made themselves known to the rest of the galaxy in the year 2525, though they have not ventured from unknown space in large numbers yet. Because of this, coupled with their secretive nature regarding their home planet, very little is known about the Night Elves and their history.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Alarans (Night Elves)   Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:58 am

Glory to the Kaldorei. 

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Alarans (Night Elves)

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