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 Fall of the Syndicate

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Ven Almis
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The Immortal Dragon

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Private#26PostSubject: Re: Fall of the Syndicate    Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:21 am

Ven rolled his eyes as Altus moved to question him about his choice to appoint the Freelancer as leader of the primary fireteam. "I chose the Freelancer because by reputation, he is the second strongest bounty hunter on this mission aside from me. You on the other hand? I didn't even know who you were until you signed on to the mission. If you have a problem with my leadership, you can stay on the ship and cry about it. Otherwise, focus on the mission at hand and let's get this job done..." Ven commented harshly. Clearly, Altus hadn't made a great first impression on the celestial.

With Altus dealt with, Ven briefly returned to the ship's cockpit, quickly typing in the coordinates of the next drop point before setting the ship to autopilot so that it would land nearby once everyone was on the ground. Let's get this started... Ven thought to himself as the ship moved away from the Freelancer and his ground team.

A few minutes passed before the Crusader was in position for the infiltration team to drop down to the power facility below. When it was time, Ven returned to the main cabin of the ship alongside Xa'ra and Altus who were now waiting by the ship's landing ramp. Ven was armed with nothing but his signature energy katana compared to the other bounty hunters that were involved in the mission, but he was confident enough in his skill and reputation to not think it necessary to explain himself.

"Let's get this party started" Ven joked to his two comrades before being the first to leap out of the ship to the facility below. Due to its nature, the power centre was guarded by a small squad of Syndicate soldiers. Ven landed on the ground between two of them, quickly activating his blade and slicing them apart as the fight to secure the area began.
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Level 39

The Exiled Gurand

The Imperium
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Private#27PostSubject: Re: Fall of the Syndicate    Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:51 pm

"Area clear" Kaiyan would hiss on the shared comms channel the team had.

The Syndicate goons where to preoccupied with the Helix drones to keep watch on their other defenses,then he saw one clad in non-standard armours like some merc mess....The human soldier was at best shaky over the tension....Kaiyan took time to adjust himself among the rocks,removing his red robes and hiding it lest it gives away his position.He had no stealth weaponry save his gladius but the distance was too far for him to reach undetected.

"Single hostile....Male....Armed with...Assault-class rifle...Target appears irritated and off guard,target is wearing a collection of various paramilitary body armours....Target may have inter-base communication....Proceed with caution. 'Zev'Marak'......Target is..urg...Expelling body fluids." He would hiss on the intercom,as the target took the opportunity to take a leak.The legionarre in Kaiyan told him to remain quiet and wait for a opportunity. His left slitted eye would turn all the way to one of his partners next to him. "Silent elimination...If possible."


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Level 13

The Imperium
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Private#28PostSubject: Re: Fall of the Syndicate    Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:37 pm

Maq Ra'im followed the others while keeping his eyes and ears open. They stopped near the facility where a single guard held watch. Although the man didn't seem to confident right now.

When Kaiyan suggested for a quiet elimination, Maq couldn't help but smirk as he blended with the shadows of the environment and disappeared.

Maneuvering about he managed to get close to the shaken guard who was struggling with lighting up a cigarette. The guard was glancing around nervously, even towards the ceiling for those dreaded robots.

But what he didn't expect was flesh and blood appearing from behind as two large, clawed hands covered the man's mouth and waist as he was dragged into the dark corridors.

A few moments later Maq Ra'im's head poked out, signaling the others for safe passage. It seems that they indeed arrived at the right time for this bounty. Gunfire was echoing throughout the facility along with screams and foreign metallic noises. So security was really lacking at the moment.


Meanwhile Xa'ra had joined the others on the ground, making their way towards the other side of the facility with ease.
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The Freelancer
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Starforger's End

Private#29PostSubject: Re: Fall of the Syndicate    Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:47 pm

Xytan stopped in his tracks as soon as Kaiyan had announced the presence of a lone Syndicate troop over the comms. The contact appeared to have taken a break from the battle to... excrete some fluid.
Kaiyan recommended stealth incapacitation, to which Maq Ra'im seemed happy enough to oblige.

Xytan watched as Maq disappeared into the shadows before kneeling down on the rocky terrain in order to conceal his presence as much as possible from the visibly nervous guard. A few moments had passed until Maq signalled them to proceed, and Xytan wasted no time in doing so.

He moved swiftly, sprinting down towards the unguarded warehouse wall within seconds before skidding to a halt just a few meters from it. Xytan looked around quickly in order to ensure that they were indeed alone, before holstering his sidearm and grabbing a few plasma grenades from his hip.

Once the charges were set, he turned to his comrades, "The explosives are set, we should gain some distance before I detonate the charges." He said before jogging a few meters from the wall, waiting for the other two to join him. Once they had, Xytan remotely activated the charges by connecting to the explosives directly with a holographic datapad attached to his wrist. By sliding a particular dial to the side, the five-second charge activated.

The resultant blast enveloped most of the wall, while sending vibrations through the ground beneath them and a shockwave of heat to go with it, thrown outwards from its epicentre. The haze of blue electricity and dust settled to reveal a massive breach in the wall. The explosion had most certainly alerted the two parties to their presence.

Xytan radioed Ven, who he hoped had similar progress with the relay station.
"The base has been breached. We are moving in to engage."
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Fall of the Syndicate

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