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 (Anunaki) Xa'rinya, Chosen of the Old Ones

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The Imperium
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#1PostSubject: (Anunaki) Xa'rinya, Chosen of the Old Ones   Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:25 pm

Do not Meta-game this Information. The Anunaki are private people and keep their secrets very tight.
When it comes to Faction dossiers, or supposed rumors then run them by me first to see how much info could've been leaked.

Name: Xa'rinya (Xa'ra)
Species: Anunaki
Age: 80.000+
Gender: Female
Major Faction: Serpentum Imperium
Minor Faction and/or affiliations: The Confederation of the Orion Nebula, Xiqalqa, Clan Bloodsong, Coven of the Twilight Flame, Bounty Hunter's Guild.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Huntress of Xiqalqa, Dark Shaman,...
Home Planet: Irkalla
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Skin color and eyes:

Standing at 6'1 Xa'ra has an athletic build with an hourglass shaped body.
She has thick, white curly hair with some black streaks here and there that flows down till buttocks height, she mostly keeps it in dreadlocks(braid style).
She has one pair of dark antler horns that start above her ears and grow towards the back.
She has complete lavender-purple eyes with the pupil being a lighter shade.
She has the facial bone structure of a native-american.
She has a 'smoke' skin color with rough, darker spotted markings on her collarbones, shoulders, outside of the upper and lower arm, the back of her hands, her sides, and the outside of her thighs.
She has a bone implant with the Mark of a Shaman on her left shoulder protruding through her skin.


- Heightened senses
- lifetime of Combat training and magic training
- natural nightvision
- supernatural strength
- Dark magic


- Sensitive senses
- blindness (bright places) and colorblind
- requires a lot of food
- spiritual distraction


Heightened senses, dark magic, dark shamanism, supernatural strength, cell regeneration,...


Hailing from the Broken Planet, Irkalla; Xa'ra comes from an interesting bloodline to say the least. Which isn't uncommon for the Anunaki. Xa'ra is a descendant of "Loqna" and "Q'dod" meaning that she comes from a bloodline that are known for their Loremasters and Shamans. However, her father was a "Rasenaki". An Anunaki that had more pronounced human features.

This made her a "Rasenaki" as well despite the infamous bloodline.

Her mother died a little after her Coming of Age ceremony during an incident involving a failed shaman ritual following with her father's death soon after when he was challenged by a council member.


Having no one left, Xa'ra moved in with her ancestor Q'dod.


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Qiros 'xi Lacoloqsa - The strong eat the weak

The Imperium
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#2PostSubject: Re: (Anunaki) Xa'rinya, Chosen of the Old Ones   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:10 pm

Thread List in Chronological order

Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson- Introduction thread for species Ananaki on Native planet Irkalla.

Arens & Co made a crash landing on an unknown planet, their ship is in need of repairs
but with no communications there won't be any help arriving any time soon.
Will these natives help them? Or will they become a feast?


Fall of the Syndicate - Bounty hunting mission [Tavion Nazara]

The new galactic Bounty Hunters Guild is on a mission to stop a cultist from continuing to corrupt
the lives of the innocent before he becomes unstoppable. First stop - Omega, a crime-filled Asteroid colony.


Travelling Half-Breed - Bounty Hunting Gone wrong featuring Amethyst Aldaviel

Kaiyan and Xa'ra have teamed up for a job on a primitive planet whose populous is still in the medieval ages. But things take an unexpected turn when their ship goes missing and betrayal is at play.


[FINISHED]The Council of Restoration - Faction Thread Introduction

New alliances are being made and truces are being made in order to defeat the Helix Army. But this alliance also means
the rise of a new Empire and competition for the GSU.


This is for the Fallen - Faction-Wide battle against the Helix Virus

New Serpentum, the newly reformed Serpentum Imperium is ready to retake their capital world with the help of a clone army, a coalition of mercenaries, and the warrior race of Irkalla. Watch how they protect their fleet from an infected Nepharian mothership, sabotage Helix factories while clearing out the city one street at the time!


The Hidden City of Irkalla - Faction Founders trade negotiations

The founders of the Serpentum Imperium are visiting the planet Irkalla, one of their new Duchies for trade negotiations and see what else the Ananaki have to offer. Let's see how these cultures clash...?


The Rat, the Gem and the Savages - Re-introduction of Sapphire {Vinsue}

Maq Ra'im and his mate have been on a bounty hunt for a wanted criminal requested by the Imperial Forces. After 2 weeks they finally tracked down the Trickster Donald Levi. While making a pitstop on a 'green' moon to stock on some supplies and to stretch the legs their break quickly turned into a disaster when a ship crashes right into their campsite...
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(Anunaki) Xa'rinya, Chosen of the Old Ones

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