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 (Anunaqi) Maq Ra'im, Friend to the Rasenaqi

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Qiros 'xi Lacoloqsa - The strong eat the weak

The Imperium
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#1PostSubject: (Anunaqi) Maq Ra'im, Friend to the Rasenaqi   Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:18 pm

Do not Meta-game this information. The Anunaqi are private people and keep their secrets tight. When it comes to faction dossiers, or supposed rumors then run them by me first to see how much info has leaked.

Name: Maq Ra'im (Maq)
Species: Anunaqi
Age: 98.000+
Gender: Male
Major Faction: Serpentum Imperium
Minor Factions and/or affiliations: The Confederation of the Orion Nebula, Xiqalqa, Clan Bloodsong, Bounty Hunter's Guild.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Hunter, Council Member of Xiqalqa.
Home Planet: Irqalla
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Skin color and eyes:

I'm only mentioning appearance changes that are unique to the individual such as skin color, etc...
For more details about the species appearance please review the species app. [WIP]

Standing at 9'4 Maq has an athletic build with a muscled body.
He has thick, wavy black hair that reaches down till mid-waist length. He mostly keeps his hair in dreadlocks or a braid. He has a full beard that he keeps trimmed.
Maq has one pair of dark ram-like horns that start at the forehead and grow back and slightly outward.
He has 'eggplant' eyes with the pupil being a lighter shade.
He has the facial bone structure of an African.
He has an 'ash' skin color with rough, darker striped markings on his shoulders, collarbones, and sides.
He has bone implants with the Mark of Strength, and the Mark of a Hunter. Both are located on his chest, one left and one right.


- lifetime of training in combat and magic
- natural night vision
- heightened senses
- dark magic


- blindness (bright places) and colorblind
- sensitive senses
- requires a lot of food


Dark magic, supernatural strength, heightened senses, cell regeneration,...


Hailing from the Broken Planet, Irqalla; Maq had a pretty standard childhood. He came from a loving family with a good name and passed his Coming of Age ceremony spectacularly by defeating a Narx'un Queen.

He always had an eye on Xa'ra who became a close friend of his during their child years. He had waited until she finished her own Coming of Age ceremony before asking to be mated to her.


Upon finding out that Xa'ra's other mate was a Cultist, he personally made sure to investigate those events and seek justice. But after the many please of Xa'ra to spare her lover, he went above and beyond within the Council to make sure he would receive a lesser punishment, which eventually lead to Drocā's banishment.

The two men never saw eye to eye ever since but Maq respected Xa'ra's choices.


Currently he is still a part of the Council of Xiqalqa and also works as a Bounty Hunter. Besides that he is also the representative of the Anunaqi and handles Faction affairs.

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Qiros 'xi Lacoloqsa - The strong eat the weak

The Imperium
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#2PostSubject: Re: (Anunaqi) Maq Ra'im, Friend to the Rasenaqi   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:10 pm

Thread List in Chronological order

Documentary: The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson- Introduction thread for species Ananaki on Native planet Irkalla.

Arens & Co made a crash landing on an unknown planet, their ship is in need of repairs
but with no communications there won't be any help arriving any time soon.
Will these natives help them? Or will they become a feast?


Fall of the Syndicate - Bounty hunting mission [Tavion Nazara]

The new galactic Bounty Hunters Guild is on a mission to stop a cultist from continuing to corrupt
the lives of the innocent before he becomes unstoppable. First stop - Omega, a crime-filled Asteroid colony.


[FINISHED]The Council of Restoration - Faction Thread Introduction

New alliances are being made and truces are being made in order to defeat the Helix Army. But this alliance also means
the rise of a new Empire and competition for the GSU.


This is for the Fallen - Faction-Wide battle against the Helix Virus

New Serpentum, the newly reformed Serpentum Imperium is ready to retake their capital world with the help of a clone army, a coalition of mercenaries, and the warrior race of Irkalla. Watch how they protect their fleet from an infected Nepharian mothership, sabotage Helix factories while clearing out the city one street at the time!


The Hidden City of Irkalla - Faction founders visit Irkalla

The Founders of the Serpentum Imperium are paying a visit to their new ducky, Irkalla. The home-planet of the Ananaki. Let's see how cultures clash and if trade negotiations go well.


Desert Developments - dev. thread for Varanus Tech and Ananaki Tech.

Weapons developers of the Empire have invited the minor Factions under their banner to a weapons demonstration and share said technology to further aid them in not only war but also to strengthen their alliance.


The Rat, the Gem and the Savages - Re-introduction of Sapphire {Vinsue}

Maq Ra'im and his mate have been on a bounty hunt for a wanted criminal requested by the Imperial Forces. After 2 weeks they finally tracked down the Trickster Donald Levi. While making a pitstop on a 'green' moon to stock on some supplies and to stretch the legs their break quickly turned into a disaster when a ship crashes right into their campsite...
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(Anunaqi) Maq Ra'im, Friend to the Rasenaqi

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