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Approved#1PostSubject: Narx'un   Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:25 am


Name: Narx'un
Home planet: Irkalla
Sentience: Semi-Sentient


- Armored Chitin = Their skin is a hardened exoskeleton which makes penetration a difficult task.

- Numbers = The Narx'un breed at an exponential rate, faster than the Ananaki can keep up with.
A single Hive can have several thousands of Insectoid running about.


- Hive Mind = The Narx'un are nothing without their Queen, they rely on her for commands and motivation.
Kill the Queen and the Hive will follow.


There's a couple of varieties within this species that resemble like mutated bugs on steroids.

- Man-sized Soldiers bear similarities to a praying mantis. Having large scythe like claws to battle opponents.

- The smaller Incubators bear similarities to the arachnid family with bloated bodies where they store the queen's eggs.

- Dog sized larvae are the infants, when they enter the cocoon state they will become either a Soldier or an Incubator.

- The Queen appears to be truck sized cross between a larvae and a centipede.


They have a hive-mind mentality. The bugs follow their queen, when she falls they die soon after.

Soldiers are the protectors and the providers of the hive, they are one of the most dangerous bugs of the hive besides the Queen. She is the most intelligent of all bugs. When the Queen lays eggs the Incubators 
transport them into their bellies in search of hosts to implant the eggs. 
They seek out prey and use their stinger to paralyze their prey. They drag it into the
Hive's Eggchamber and implant the eggs into the soft abdomen of their victim. By the time
the eggs hatch the larvae will have devoured their host from the inside out before searching for more food.
after they have grown to a dog size they enter a cocoon state which continues to swell as their bodies change into
either a Soldier or an Incubator. Then the cycle continues.

These bugs have been plaguing the planet with their ravenous hunger as they continue to strip the planet from all
vegetation and wildlife. The Ananaki are currently trying to destroy them to save their planet.


Not much is to be said about their history. After the Ananaki used their combined magic powers to try and save the
piece of planet they had left, the planet became riddled with radiation from such a large amount of
magic flooding the land. So while the Ananaki went underground to rebuild their civilization, the Narx'un
fed on that radiation and evolved. They became bigger, stronger and smarter and need very little oxygen to survive.

The Hunt for these creatures has become part of the Ananakian's Coming of Age ceremonies.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Narx'un   Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:41 am

Approved, nice work.
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