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 Escape from Zexion

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Aegor Ironblood

The Bandit

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Private#1PostSubject: Escape from Zexion    Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:25 am

For the past two days, Aegor had been making his way through the local Orc villages, destroying, murdering and killing all that he could. But today would turn out to be different. Very different. Aegor walked quietly by the river, his war axe swinging by his side as he sang his usual war songs.

"Ohhhh! I drink, I rape, I pillage! As far as I can go! For there ain't no Orcish village! Who'll present a worthy foe!" The Orc sang merrily as he strolled through the countryside. Verse after verse. Song after song. He simply did not stop until his voice grew too tired for him to carry on. Soon, he would be return to the bandit camp that he called home. He would revel in his victories and tell tall tales of the warriors that he had just bested. This was the life that Aegor loved. The simple life.

Aegor was only around half an hour away from his camp when heard a loud, thundering noise raging from something he couldn't see. He turned his attention to the sky for a moment, only to see a mysterious object traveling through the sky and preparing to land slightly further up the riverside. "That aint no bird I've ever seen!" Aegor commented as he began to walk towards the landing site of the ship.
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Ven Almis
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The Immortal Dragon

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Starforger's End

Private#2PostSubject: Re: Escape from Zexion    Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:29 pm

The Crusader landed on Zexion with a large thud. Its captain, Ven Almis had wanted to take some time off work for a while and finally had chance to. It hadn't taken long for the captain to choose his destination as, while searching for worlds thought to be uninhabited, he quickly came upon the planet Zexion. The landing ramp of the Crusader creaked loudly as it lowered to allow exit from the ship, with Ven stepping out and stretching to rid himself of aches he had gained while sleeping during the journey to the planet. It was time to enjoy a long-deserved break.

The world was beautiful, with long, stretching lakes and hilly woodlands for as far as the eye could see. This was a spiritual paradise for Ven. Millennia ago, Ven and his brothers had been raised on a world similar to this. While that world had been lost, this world was more than enough to remind Ven of the happy memories he'd had with his brothers during their childhood. Here on Zexion, Ven was at peace.
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Escape from Zexion

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