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 Welcome to Season 4!

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Staff#1PostSubject: Welcome to Season 4!   Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:29 pm

As multiple changes come into Convergence RP, we are glad to be entering into Season 4. This marks the beginning of further improvements and added features to the site, some of which are already present and others which will be detailed here for the future.

Bounty Board Changes
The Bounty Board has already undergone it's improvements, placing it in the Roleplay Area and giving IC lore behind it's running and institution. Read more about it in our previous announcement.

Lore Cleanup
Our Official Lore has been moved up to the Welcome Area, making it easier to find for everyone. We will be going through processes of tidying and refining this lore to make it as simple as possible to get stuck into our galaxy.

The Arena
The Arena will make a return from Season 1, bringing rewards for winning PvP and PvE battles. Writing skill and effort will be the deciding factors in victory, with tournaments and competitions being held often for IC and OOC glory.

Avatar Borders
Donators, Arena Champions, and other unique achievers will be able to unlock special borders/frames for their avatars, letting them stand out even more from the rest. Expect this feature soon!

Economy Rework
Our Economy features will be reworked, hopefully to introduce an IC market area to be used for story and fun instead of grinding progression.

Factions Rework
We will also rework and re-release Factions in some form, allowing people to join fights over resources and territory for their chosen factions, without making it a map-painting grindfest.

New Navigation Buttons
To make it clearer what each button leads to, they are now full written words rather than white icons. 

We'd like to thank everyone who has stuck with us through the past seasons, and we hope you stay for these changes in Season 4 Smile
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Welcome to Season 4!

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