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 Bounty Submission Template

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#1PostSubject: Bounty Submission Template   Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:11 pm

Target's Name
(What's the name of the target)

Target's Description
(Describe the features of the target, whether it's a living being or an object. List things such as; Height, Weight, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Outfit, Notable features, etc.)

Target's Crimes
(List the reasons that the bounty has been placed on the target. This can be anything from theft to murder. In cases where the contract requires the recover of an object, list this section as N/A.)

Contract Details/Requirements
(List what the mission requires. This can be anything from capturing or killing a living target to recovering artifacts of importance. If there are any specific rules of the contract such as "must be taken alive", list these too.)

Last Known Whereabouts
(Where was the target last seen? Where did they appear to be going?)

Dangers of Target
(List any dangers a Hunter might face during the contract. This can be things like security watching over a target or abilities that a target might possess)

Contract Reward
(How much money is the client offering Hunters as a reward for completing the contract? Are they offering any bonus rewards for meeting certain requirements?)
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Bounty Submission Template

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