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 The Bounty Hunters Code

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#1PostSubject: The Bounty Hunters Code    Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:49 pm

The Bounty Hunters Code is a set of official rules followed by the Bounty Hunters Guild and its members. The Guild will not officially accept contracts that break these rules and will often expel or hunt and kill bounty hunters who take these contracts anyway. The rules of the guild can be found below.

1. The guild will not accept any form of contract that targets children in any way. They are innocent in all circumstances and not to be intentionally harmed. No exceptions.

2. Causing the deaths of innocent civilians while completing a contract will mean the forfeit of any bonus rewards that the contract offers. It may also result in forfeit of some, or all, of your payment.

3. The Guild Station is neutral space. Trying to attack or destroy the guild or its members, or trying to cause trouble while on the Station will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of your actions, you will either be removed or banished from the Station, imprisoned and fined, or in the most serious of case, you will be killed by the Guild.

4. The Guild is completely outside the jurisdiction of any system's military or police force and will not be held responsible if the actions of guild members breaks a system's laws and makes them a fugitive. On the other side of this situation, authorities have no rights to apprehend a bounty hunter while they are within the Guild's territory. They are, however, free to do so if the fugitive leaves the Guild's territory.

5. Bounty Hunters cannot place bounties on each other. If members of the guild have a an issue with each other then it will be dealt with either between themselves or by the guild leaders.
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The Bounty Hunters Code

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