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 Bounty Board Changes

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Staff#1PostSubject: Bounty Board Changes   Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:28 pm

Evening all! due to recent suggestions in the facebook admin chat, both Aaron and I have taken responsibility for this section of Convergence and will soon begin making changes to improve the Bounty Board as a whole. Here's a list of some of the things to expect in the near future.

1. The Bounty Board will now be an NPC guild run by both myself and Aaron. This will be done to turn the Bounty Board into a more IC friendly area. To make this as real and lore-friendly as possible, the Bounty Board will be given a specific location as a place on the galaxy map (Under a different name of course).

2. All contracts posted will now be looked over and approved by either myself or Aaron to ensure that it does not break any rules of the Bounty Hunters Guild. After this point, the contracts will become official and anyone can claim the job as they normally would.

3. The Bounty Hunters Guild will be introduced for those wishing to have official bounty hunter characters who belong to a faction of sorts. Approved bounties will be posted through NPC leaders of this guild. The main reason for the introduction of this guild is to, again, give the Bounty Board a little more realism in our galaxy.

4. A selection of rules will be implemented in the form of a bounty template for anyone wishing to submit contracts. These rules, known as the Bounty Hunter Code will simply be a small set of restrictions that the Guild will place upon incoming contracts. If a bounty breaks any rule within the Code, it will not officially be sanctioned by the guild and will be marked as illegal. Any character who decides to take the contract on may still receive payment from whoever issued the contract, but they may also be kicked out of the Guild or hunted by its members.

5. Aside from contracts submitted by normal members of the site, Aaron and I will be officially posting up to five contracts weekly for bounty hunters to take on as they please. Taking on these contracts will result in the usual reward of payment from the client, and in some cases will mean extra rewards on top of this.

6. An archive of all known and active bounty hunters will be compiled and added to the Bounty Board. This archive will contain all known information regarding individual bounty hunters including things like their equipment, reputation, contracts undertaken and contracts completed. This will allow for clients to select specific bounty hunters for contracts easily if they choose to do so and will also allow staff to keep track of all bounty hunters much more easily.

While the majority of these changes are implemented to get the bounty board back up and running at its full potential, it is unlikely that we will be posting or accepting new bounties. We thank you for your patience while we get these changes sorted and hope to expect a great future ahead for this section of the site.
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Bounty Board Changes

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