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 Dr. Sonja 'Mouse' Petersson

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Qiros 'xi Lacoloqsa - The strong eat the weak

The Imperium
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#1PostSubject: Dr. Sonja 'Mouse' Petersson   Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:56 pm


Name: Dr. Sonja 'Mouse' Petersson

Species: Human

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Faction: Union

Occupation: Xeno-Anthropologist, Translator, Medic, Plasma-Mage

Home planet: Chorus II

Alignment: Lawful Good



Height: 5'4

Weight: 143

Build: Petite

Eye color: grey

Hair color: Grey-ish, almost white

Hair texture: Wavy

Hair length: Mid-waist

Skin complexion: pale

Scars/Markings: N/A

Tattoos/Piercings: N/A

Clothing Style: Always high end and the latest fashion, but conservative

Notes: She's known to wear glasses when she either has her geek on, or when she's in serious-mode
She's often seen with her nose in the books/Datapad.


Skills, talents, other....

Equipment: Glasses (that she doesn't need but feels she does because she's a doctor)
Datapad; it's her everything!

Training/Education: graduated as one of the youngest students at the most prestige Universities
the Union has to offer, at Chorus II of course. A planet known for its riches and advanced tech.
Her field of study was languages and Xeno-Anthropology (the study of cultures, behavior, and some biology)
Knows about 15 'alien' languages and their writings(if they have any).
Limited knowledge in the medical field, she's no surgeon though. But
she can patch up most wounds and broken bones, limited knowledge
on how to treat diseases.

Strengths: her brain, she's very intelligent.
Her studies are very useful for helping with communicating with other species
without insulting them.

Weaknesses: She's somewhat oblivious to her surroundings when it comes to danger or flirting.
She's a pacifist, she'll support people during a battle but she refuses to kill or be violent.

Powers: She's a Plasma-Mage with limited skills as she's never really delved deep into this.
She can create temporarily forcefields around her being that can deflect projectiles but the more
force/power is used against the shield the quicker it'll break.
She can also shoot plasma bolts.



Sonja Petersson, the Xeno-Anthropologist prodigy child. It was really no surprise considering that
her entire family is successful in the fields of science, biology and psychology. It was also no surprise then
that Sonja would be receiving lots of marriage prepositions. After all,
The Peterssons were a fine human breed. "We all want a doctor in the family"...

Sonja however disagreed.

She didn't really wanted to follow the footsteps of her parents, living of the fame and money of the
family name. She wanted to make a name for herself, by herself!

And what better way to do it then by exploring the universe in search of new Xeno's(aliens).
That's where Joseph Arens came to her rescue. He needed a medic and a translator to aid him in his travels,
and in exchange Sonja would see the wonders of the universe....
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Gold Writer
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Qiros 'xi Lacoloqsa - The strong eat the weak

The Imperium
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#2PostSubject: Re: Dr. Sonja 'Mouse' Petersson   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:05 pm

Thread List

Documentary:The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson- Introduction thread for species Ananaki on Native planet Irkalla.

Arens & Co made a crash landing on an unknown planet, their ship is in need of repairs
but with no communications there won't be any help arriving any time soon.
Will these natives help them? Or will they become a feast?
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Dr. Sonja 'Mouse' Petersson

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