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 Capt. Joseph 'Silver Fox' Arens

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#1PostSubject: Capt. Joseph 'Silver Fox' Arens   Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:52 am


Name: Capt. Joseph 'Silver Fox' Arens

Species: Human

Age: 53

Gender: Male

(Major) Faction: Galactic Systems Union

Occupation: Owner of a small Cargo Company, "Arens & CO"

Home planet: Reach

Alignment: Neutral Good



Height: 5'8

Weight: 148 pounds

Build: Still in fairly fit condition for his age

Eye Color: Warm Hazel eyes

Hair Color: Light grey, almost white

Hair Texture: Slightly wavy

Hair length: A little past the nape of his neck

Facial Hair: A well groomed Mustache and beard 

Skin Complexion: Slightly tanned

Scars/Markings: Some old scars here and there from either bullets or the occasional shrapnel. 
A bionic right arm, all the way from fingertips to the shoulder.

Tattoos/Piercings: A faded blue tattoo that represented the emblem of his platoon back in the days.

Clothing Style: Southern Gentleman Style

Notes: The scent of whiskey and cigars often lingers.
Speaks with a smooth Southern Drawl.


Skills, Talents, Others...

Equipment: Standard Dual plasma Pistols,
Always carries at least 1 cigar (if not more) with him and a set of matches,
A silver flask of whiskey to calm the nerves,
His old leathery cowboy hat, a lucky charm.

Training/Education: High school diploma.
Warfare, he had climbed his ways up the ranks to Captain before 
he took early retirement. He helped fight against the Demon attack on Earth.

Strengths: Excellent Marksman - He tries to maintain this talent by going game hunting on occasion
Wisdom - The old fox has seen a lot during his lifetime, his crew often seek his advice 
A knack for deception - They didn't call him fox for nothing *wink*

Weaknesses: His age - when the mind is willing but the body won't follow. And an old back injury tends to act up at the worst times.
Nostalgia - He gets attached to the good ol' times, to the point where his equipment gets outdated, 
like 'Betsy' his Cargo ship. And his Bionic Arm, anything but duck tape is holding it together.

Powers: N/A



Joseph's childhood in the Slums of Reach were mostly uneventful till he decided to join 
the army as soon as he was of age. That's where he rose through the ranks to Captain, but that's 
where his career stagnated and he was fine with it. Never having had a family of his own, he
considered the boys (and girls) as his family. The children he never had and the 
fathers these youngsters - at the time - needed.

The Demonic Crusade however marked the end of his career. Having done his best to protect Earth against
the Scourge, left maimed and near death, he decided it was enough. He was getting old anyway, he thought.
So after the Crusade's defeat he took early retirement and focused on rehabilitation instead.
Readjusting to the world with one limb less, and the mental scars of a brutal war he started a small company.

Arens & CO holds a single starship 'Betsy'. A cargo ship that he uses to deliver packages and even passengers, although the old fox doesn't shy away from doing the occasional unsavory work too. Smuggling being one of them.


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Gold Writer
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Qiros 'xi Lacoloqsa - The strong eat the weak

The Imperium
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#2PostSubject: Re: Capt. Joseph 'Silver Fox' Arens   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:04 pm

Thread List in Chronological Order

Documentary:The Ananaki of Irkalla by Doctor Sonja Petersson - Introduction thread for species Ananaki on Native planet Irkalla.

Arens & Co made a crash landing on an unknown planet, their ship is in need of repairs
but with no communications there won't be any help arriving any time soon.
Will these natives help them? Or will they become a feast?
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Capt. Joseph 'Silver Fox' Arens

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