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 Have You Seen This Woman? (Bounty Mission)

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Ven Almis
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Private#1PostSubject: Have You Seen This Woman? (Bounty Mission)   Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:36 pm

"Murder? Assault, theft? Drugs?..." Ven mumbled to himself as he looked over a dossier he'd recently received. The target was an unknown woman, last seen in possession of a stolen ship leaving the planet Artemis. With no time to lose, Ven raced towards the cockpit of the Crusader. This bounty had a reward of 50,000 credits, if anybody was going to take down the target, it'd be him.

"Computer, plot a jump course for the planet Artemis." Ven ordered as he maneuvered the Crusader into position for a jump to lightspeed. "Affirmative, course plotted. Engage lightspeed when ready..." the computer replied.
Ven looked at the lightspeed lever for a moment. It was clear that he did not wish to just rush in blind and try and deal with the target that way. "If she's gotten away with so many crimes so far, she's clearly going to be dangerous..." he mumbled to himself. "I can't just find her and kill her or I'll forfeit my pay. I'm gonna have to be extra careful with this one"

Another moment passed before Ven snapped out of his thoughts, quickly pushing the lever and causing the ship to jump to lightspeed. A red light flashed the words 'AUTOPILOT ENGAGED' above the cockpit's windows to signal that the navicomputer was now in control of the ship. In a few days, Ven would arrive at Artemis, his targets last known location. With nothing else to do for now, he returned to his quarters and went to bed. This was going to be a long few days.
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Have You Seen This Woman? (Bounty Mission)

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