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 The Future of Convergence RP

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Staff#1PostSubject: The Future of Convergence RP   Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:42 pm

There has been some Staff discussions about the future of Convergence RP, namely due to worries of a declining population. After the disbanding of Global Staff to favour seperate staff teams between sites, we will also be introducing some changes to Convergence RP to shift the focus from power-building to storytelling.

Removal of Territories and Factions
We will be removing territories on the map, Dominions, Invasions, and the Tiers of Factions. Factions may return as a form of grouping characters, but not in the same sense that focused too much on spamming dev threads to be the "biggest and best" of the galaxy.

Removal of the Level System
Whilst the Level system was a form of indicator for character development, it suffered from complexity and wait times for EXP to be applied. We feel that the Post Ranks (Silver, Gold, Platinum Writer etc.) award activity enough and in an automatic way, and since Levels served no practical purpose we will be removing them.

Return to Storytelling
Whether they be galactic or private stories, we will be shifting the focus on storytelling. Galactic events will be run by staff for all to take part in, or they can stick to their own if they like. New ways to find writing groups and writers will also come.

Organised Lore
We will restructure and organise our Lore, making it easier to find and less overwhelming for newcomers. The focus should be on the present and future stories, not lingering in the past that most members were not present for.

We hope you come to enjoy these new changes, and start writing new and fun stories across the galaxy.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me here or on Discord.
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The Future of Convergence RP

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