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 Crash Landing

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#1PostSubject: Crash Landing   Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:57 am

Blood was dripping from George's head into what was the ship's roof from the hard impact of the crash. The whole ship was turned upside down from the flip. In the desperate escape from the White Eagle at uncontrollable speeds George was unable to avoid the crash into the small desert planet. George had the mountains to thank for his survival, as the grind into it had slowed the speed of the ship into a survivable crash. Awaking for his violent concussion George found himself in a deadly situation, sand was pouring in through the tears of the ship. If the ship continues to be filled up George would be met with a slow death as he suffocates. Unbuckling his belt he is met with a soft landing on the sand below him, but despite the soft landing George was met with tremendous pain, faced with the worst head ache he ever had as a side effect from the concussion. With no time to waste he turns over and observes his situation, the ship was almost succumbed in complete darkness with a small ray of light peering into the ship through the cockpit window which was lightly engulfed in sand with the exception of  a few spots untouched where the light found it's way. In his observations George eyes the door, " This could work " he thinks to himself as he crawls up the chair from which he fell to get closer. Grabbing the handle George slides the door open, in his attempt to free himself the door releases a wave of sand upon George as it covers his entire body in a dust of sand. Crawling his way out of the door he plummets into the ground, finding himself surrounded by miles and miles of sand in a scorching desert.
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Crash Landing

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