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 Aesir hardpoint system walker.

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#1PostSubject: Aesir hardpoint system walker.   Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:11 am

Aesir hardpoint system walker.
Owner: Project H&M
Manufacturer: Project H&M

Development Thread: Allow me to Demonstrate

Type: Walker
Materials: Numerous different metals and plastics including steel, titanium, depleted uranium and silicon to name but a few.
Length/Height: Eight metres tall.
Rarity: Rare.


Weapons: 10
Armour: 7
Shields: 7
Speed: 8
Handling: 10

Notable Equipment

  • Hard point network aka the "Loki" network: The Aesir walker's primary strength is its hard point system it was built around. On account of the Aesir designed to be highly adaptable it has five different hard points for the equipment of different equipment. One hard point on the back, one for each shoulder and one for each arm allow a vast amount of customisation to meet numerous different foes. Of course, as should be obvious, all of the following equipment can not be equipped at once.
  • A.E.S.I.R: Advanced Equipment Support (and) Information Retention: Serving as the vehicle's namesake A.E.S.I.R is the A.I created to run the majority of the walkers functions to assist, support, control and direct the usage of the walker and its variable load out. A.E.S.I.R was designed to do most of the heavy lifting in terms of piloting the walker in the case of it being operated by inexperienced staff. Project H&M, sadly, lack the manpower of the GNU's military arm as a whole and as such the Aesir and its support A.I were designed to compensate for that weakness allowing anybody no matter how inexperienced or poorly trained to pilot the vehicle.
  • A21 Jormungandr rail cannon:  The A21 rail cannon is a long range weapon designed to fill a "sniper" rifle role. With an effective firing range of one hundred metres, and the zoom to accurately target at those distances, it accelerates a metal slug to very high velocities and launches it at speeds of two hundred miles an hour. Of course due to the size and mass of the shell it lacks an explosive area of effect on impact but can easily rip right through modern mainline battle tanks hence its' usage in neutralising high priority targets from long range. Finally unlike its big brother the A2 rail cannon the Jormungandr does not need the Aesir to be stationary in order to fire.
  • A22 Fenris rail cannon: The A22 rail cannon is highly similar to the A21 sporting a similar appearance and identical method of usage however they are set apart by three things: size, range and firepower. Unlike the A21 the Fenris is twice as powerful with a max range of one hundred and fifty metres however it is a LOT bigger and significantly heavier. As a result of the weapon's weight and recoil it is far too dangerous to fire without the Aesir entrenching itself in the ground thanks to spikes that extend from the feet. Finally when it does fire a barrage from the Fenris, which is typically six shots in rapid succession, are enough to crack open space age bunkers through repeated impact. The different between the A21 and A22 is that the Fenris uses repeated impacts to reduce something to rubble while the Jormungandr simply neutralises it with a single high powdered shot.
  • B21 Ragnarok missile pod: A shoulder or arm mounted three by four missile pod the Ragnarok can fire twelve missiles at  once or space them out for individual usage. Each missile has explosive power equivalent to the missiles found on modern, as in modern by the setting's standards, and can be manually controlled or set to target lock using a heat based system. The missiles have an effective tracking range of thirty metres and move at speeds equal to modern, again the setting's standards of modern, missiles meaning they can easily chase down an average fighter class vessel.
  • C21 Muspell flamer: The Muspell flamer is an arm mounted flamethrower used in situations when a short range AoE weapon is required or when shock and awe is required. The weapon produces flames in excess of seven thousand Fahrenheit more than hot enough to melt through tungsten which has the highest melting point of all modern metals. The weapon fires in a cone like shape with the cone's base being one foot wide before spreading out to be ten feet wide at the furthest point. Finally the weapon has an effective range of ten feet. Finally due to the chemicals used in the flamer the fire comes out blue.
  • D21 Nidhogg gatling fusion weapon: The Nidhogg is the Aesir's equivalent of a rapid fire weapon, such as a gatling weapon or machine gun, and as such is capable of firing five thousand rounds of pure fusion energy. Yes the weapon is a small scale fusion reactor that launches fusion energy, you know the energy produced by the SUN, encased in an electronic field up to ranges of fifteen metres yet is woefully inaccurate at long ranges. As it is fusion energy it is incredibly hot and can melt through pretty much everything. It was decided that melting through armour would work better than trying to punch through it. Finally the weapon can sustain the production of two hundred thousand rounds before it requires a new fuel core to be injected.
  • E21 Yggdrasil fusion blaster: The Ygdrasil is essentially the same basic weapon as the Nidhogg except with a few key differences. Firstly the rate of fire is signifcantly lower on account of it being a semi-automatic three burst weapon meaning each pull of the trigger fires free bullets. Secondily the range is the same yet the Yggdrasil is significantly more accurate on account of a scope and a targeting system allowing it to easily hit targets at the maximum range. Lastly the ammo capacity is only tweo hundred rounds before needing reloading.
  • F21 Fafnir fusion shotgun: Again the Fafnir works just like the Yggdrasil and Nidhogg yet functions as a shotgun. As such when fired the "bullet's" electromagnetic field breaks apart unable to hold in the fusion energy causing it to spread over a ten foot radius spreading out like a cone. Lastly apart from its ammo capacity only being twenty "slugs" before reloading and its range being a max of ten feet the Fafnir functions exactly the same as the aforementioned fusion weapons.
  • Heimdallr detection system: The Heimdallr detection system is a radar dish attached to either the shoulders or arms of the Aesir. It functions as a high powered radar detection system able to breach cloaking devices and other systems that would otherwise foil radar. It has an effective detection range of sixty miles allowing it to serve as a moving early warning system. Additionally the Heimdallr radar system comes with a built in tight beam transmission device that allows messages to be sent but not retrieved; of course this means it HAS to be aimed perfectly at the receiver however it allows it a transmission range far beyond that of ordinary communication equipment. Lastly the Heimdallr adds heat vision, X-ray vision and enhanced targeting performance to the Aesir.  
  • Svalinn shield system: Another dish shaped device attached on the arm of the Aesir the Svalinn allows it to generate an arm mounted shield which is essentially a strength nine energy shield that follows the dimensions of a riot shield. It was design for situations where the Aesir walker needs to serve as a moving cover for infantry or other vehicles. Sadly the amount of power required to generate this shield deactivates all but one other hard-point meaning the Aesir can only use whatever is equipped on its other arm. Finally the shield does eventually need to be shut down least it drain the walker's batteries to the point where it can't move. Basically this functions as a four post max duration for the energy shield.
  • F21 Fafnir fusion shotgun: Again the Fafnir works just like the Yggdrasil and Nidhogg yet functions as a shotgun. As such when fired the "bullet's" electromagnetic field breaks apart unable to hold in the fusion energy causing it to spread over a ten foot radius spreading out like a cone. Lastly apart from its ammo capacity only being twenty "slugs" before reloading and its range being a max of ten feet the Fafnir functions exactly the same as the aforementioned fusion weapons.
  • Gram energy sword: The Gram energy sword is a wrist mounted blade that is designed to grant the Aesir enhanced ability in close combat. As opposed to merely cutting through traditional armour or shields it employs a combination of heat and energy. When deployed the metre long blade generates enough heat to melt through tungsten, which has the highest melting point of all metals, but its true advantage lies in how it breaks through shields. When faced with a shield the blade reduces its thermal output and instead channels it to the Aesir's servos allowing them to hit with a greater amount of kinetic force which allows it to, hopefully, overtax shields and cause them to fail as a result of that.
  • Lindwurm launch system The Lindwurm is a high powered jetpack built to allow the Aesir enhanced vertical and horizontal manoeuvrability in ground based engagements. It does not, nor could it ever, allow the Aesir to fly however it does allow it to jumped ten metres upwards and grant it the ability to make high speed dashes in any direction except backwards. Of course it can only be practically mounted on the back least it cause more problems than it solves. 
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#2PostSubject: Re: Aesir hardpoint system walker.   Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:36 am

That is one fine looking piece of military hardware.
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Aesir hardpoint system walker.

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