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 A Taste of Magic

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Private#1PostSubject: A Taste of Magic   Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:47 pm

(OOC @RescueRanger)

 It was midnight and Sarah couldn't sleep. She was too haunted by the vision of the execution of Daniel Almis. Every time she closed her eyes it was not Daniel being brutally murdered but it was herself. It was so vivid, she could hear what the man was saying. "For having a link to Magic you are condemned to death!" Before the blade ended her she would always wake up breathing heavily and in a cold sweat.

She soon gave up on sleeping and walked to the balcony. She stared up into the stars and quickly located the Oceanic planet of Betheshee. Determination suddenly coursed through her as she reached up into the cold night. Fall had crept its way into the capital early. Suddenly another person walked behind her, Sarah gasped and turned around swiftly to see Heather. Sarah let out a sigh and brought her into a hug. Heather soon said "Whats wrong?"

-Innistrad 17
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Private#2PostSubject: Re: A Taste of Magic   Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:45 pm

Shooting stars! They are so beautifull...But wait, arent shooting stars usually accompanied by other shooting stars...? And this one was getting quite low to the ground too... eh, it was not a shooting star after all. It was a dumbass healer crashing her rental ship into the ground. Oh... uh oh she landed in water. She could probaply use some help... Or not, she could breathe underwater after all.... Pretty soon the blue skinned airhead arrived in the city, still dizzy from the crash. Was she dizzy? she always walked strange...
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A Taste of Magic

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