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 Serpentum Imperium Faction hall:{Short summery of the S.I}

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The Imperium
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#1PostSubject: Serpentum Imperium Faction hall:{Short summery of the S.I}   Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:17 pm

Name:The Serpentum Imperium [The Imperium for short]

The Imperium is an militaristic elitist faction controlled by the reptilian Varanus.

The Imperium holds many advanced technologies and has an long history of warfare and as such the Imperials pride themselves on having an strong martial tradition unmatched by any other in the galaxy.To "Zodarrin" or outsiders the Imperium could easily be branded as an militaristic regime,few actually have the chance to see the rich culture the Imperium strives to protect.

Arts and the culture of recognized Imperial citizens are praised and practiced freely under the protection of the legion as long as their beliefs and culture does not interfere with the workings of the Imperium itself.

The ruling goverment body of the Imperium {The Imperial Court} consists of the nobility and heads of the military forces,they keep the stellar empire running while the current regent plans it's future.

Despite their Xenophobic outlook towards the races of the milky way,the Imperium is slowly accepting more and more "Zodarrin" under their rule shifting their views in favour of improving relations with the other races. 

The Imperium itself is the remnant of an once massive galactic power that once controlled most of the Sigma Draconus galaxy {Known as Andromeda} and now the Imperium seeks to restore their status as an major power among the other races of the galaxy and recover their lost technologies scattered across the galaxy.

They know the costs of war and may take steps regarded as ruthless and cruel to others despite their high morals in doing what is considered right.

The Vigil Magika keeps magic users within the Imperium on a short leash fearful of the powers they wield mostly because of the Varanus incapability to cast magic like most could in the galaxy. 


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Serpentum Imperium Faction hall:{Short summery of the S.I}

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