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 GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...

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Public#1PostSubject: GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...   Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:03 am

Mordeci stepped in front of the camera, his hat removed but his mask still present. It was a bright room, with the gold and red flags of the Reich dangling from the backdrop. Centered in the camera, a man with a bag over his head sat in a chair, tied down. Behind the captured man, five Witch Hunters stood in formation, their helmets removed, their faces revealed to the world. The most decorated soldiers of the Inquisition’s military. They had aided in the man’s capture, and deserved to be recognized. Mordeci took a seat beside the man.
“Ladies and gentlemen of the galaxy, I have a warning for those of you viewing. If you are watching this with small children, I would recommend you turn the channel off or send them away soon. This will not be suitable for younger people. I am Grand Inquisitor Mordeci Smith, the military leader of the Inquisitorial Reich. I have heard whispers among the people of the galaxy, wondering what I have against magic. As if the crisis after crisis that we have experienced hasn’t been enough of a reason. Three years ago,  three celestial beings in the guise of dragons’ fighting nearly destroyed our universe. Just recently, the demonic crusade has brought ruin to entire planets and species, costing billions of lives.”
“Now we fight the Asmodians, a faction of mages that seeks to wreak havoc on the galaxy. These threats have the common cause that the Reich has seen, as have the Nypherians. Magic. Magic has now, in three major events, cost the lives of billions. So the Reich has been formed to purge this evil from the galaxy. But this is still not enough for some. They understand Krieg, scarred for life and imprisoned in his mask by demons. I believe it is time to share a story.”
Mordeci reached up, taking his mask, and removing it. His face was revealed for the first time to every man and woman in the galaxy that was watching. The right side of his face was severely burnt, and with the damage shown it was a miracle that his eye was still healthy. His thin, straight black hair was disheveled slightly, but not enough to make him seem unkempt. “This is what magic has done to me. Once, before I hated magic, it was a simple dislike. I knew it led to chaos, and evil deeds, but I was naive enough to believe it wasn’t the sole cause. I married a young woman, my age, and in my young eyes, she was perfect. Even though she was a mage. We had a child, a daughter,  but magic took them both. Her magic. It scarred my face. It killed her, and our daughter. I fight not for myself anymore, but so that others will not die or suffer by the hands of mages.”
He turned to the Witch Hunters. “These men helped me capture one of the most dangerous mages in the galaxy. One that most or all of you will know.” He reached over to the bag, removing it, revealing the face of Daniel Almis. “Daniel Almis. You are the head of the Almis family. You have led them in their tyranny, bringing several scourges to the galaxy. But a man deserves to choose how he dies. You can die in this chair, or you can die on your feet.”
Slowly but surely Dan rose from the chair, a look of disdain on his face as he glared between Mordeci and the camera. His face was still bloodied and worn from the fight, as well as the adverse effects of his aging and many deaths. Despite the hatred clearly within him he made no attempt to resist his fate or fight back against his captors. Instead he uttered words only just loud enough for the camera to pick up.
“Fuck you.”
Mordeci smiled grimly. “How unfortunate, that your last words be so grim.” He reached off screen, grabbing Krieg’s blade. “This is the Grand Inquisitor’s blade, designed to destroy magical creatures and enchantments. I know that you come back to life often. My intent is to not allow that again.” He lifted the blade above his head, his face grim.
“Daniel Almis, your evil existence ends here.”

With those final words, he swung towards Daniel’s neck, the blade chopping it off cleanly as the body and the head fell to the ground.

“Almis family, I will not stop here.”

Nypherian Empire - Tier 5
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Public#2PostSubject: Re: GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...   Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:32 am

Sitting at the bar after heading about helping others with their simple magics. Though they sometimes made a few mistakes. They were watching the news, like always it was about people losing their damn puppies and some other random mediocre shit. They let out a soft growl as the masked face appeared. Staring at the mask and the men and the flags that where their enemies. They would fight against them, but not in anyway they would predict... "Magic is not but a tool, a senseless force like light or electricity only given form when shaped by a living being." They shook their head at the ignorance of the Reich they turned around to see a few people nodding, they left now keeping their face covered, one day the empire shall be changed, and if not he would have to fight them all. "I need to learn more about the galaxy, see who are my enemies and who are my allies."

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Public#3PostSubject: Re: GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...   Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:59 pm

The Broadcast was aired throughout Imperial space,data spheres would relay the broadcast on holographic screens whilst others simply watched on physical screens around their homes and workplaces.

GNN was an popular news source for the Imperium,while they had their own news broadcasting service,the Imperial Court supported the broadcasting of the GNN in order to keep their citizenry up to date with galactic affairs....It lessened the strain on the state to do it themselves.Of course the Imperium could at any given moment jam the signal broadcast in their space should they disagree with the content.

The Court was in session debating over what to do with the Flickr remnants they recovered from Sabaton when the chamberlain entered the hall,bowing with an huff as she was tired from running...Following her where several data spheres that immediately hovered towards the center of the room. "My Lord the GNN broadcast has been hacked.....You must see this."

The Data spheres combined their projection into an massive holographic screen,it showed an masked man and an few others,all human with the familiar flag of the Reich in the background.The sight took the attention of the Emperor and the nobles of the Court.

They watched every second of the whole show,grinning at the tale the Reich told about the Asmodians....About the events that magic caused....The opinion over magic to the Court was the same yet different....The Reich wanted the purge it while the Court saw an opportunity harness it,to regulate it under the ever watchful eye of the Vigil Magicka.....While magic is not truly practiced in the Imperium it was an topic of distaste for an race that struggled to even harness the most basic of magics.

"The Reich is foolish.....Their utter hatred and aggression will be their undoing....While we stand with them against the Immortals they are making many enemies fast......." The words would exit the Emperor's mouth with an taste of anger....The Reich where like children flouting with their crusade against magic....Conflict seemed to follow the Imperium wherever it goes.

Then they revealed the face of Daniel Almis....Unknown to the Imperials as is the entire Almis family,it was commendable that the Reich gave the pathetic mage an chance to die on his feet and it was even more commendable that the mage did not attempt to resist...Unlike many of the Imperium's own prisoners....There was one thing that interested the Emperor as Daniel's head was severed from his body.

The mage seemed to have defied death quite an few times....If the Reich was to be believed....This contradicts with the first tenant of Kumaktole's teachings...."Death is the ultimate price,to whom goes to glory of eternal rest..." If this mage had the power to defy death itself...Then magic was an more dangerous and sinister force then the Court first believed.

The Emperor formulated an plan....He needed one of the Almises....He needed to judge for himself on how and why such Zodarrin hold that kind of power....It was an threat to the galaxy for an mortal being to hold powers like that.....It was an threat to Imperial sovereignty.....It defied their religious teachings,their science,their very concept of the galaxy.....

Enough......The Emperor needed to see it firsthand.

"Gather the War council......I want infiltration teams in G.S.U space.....Find out what you can about the Almis family.....Keep our operations here an secret....Nobody not even the Reich can know."


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Public#4PostSubject: Re: GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...   Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:15 pm

Sarah sat in her chair, witnessing this crime. Her eyes turned towards the Asmelian horizon where several skyscrapers stood being built. She stood up and began pacing back and forth. "This will surely end in diplomatic repercussions." Several idle HEPS stood as a guard to Sarah and the rest of the planetary hall. "This.. Reich.. They hate magic with every cell of their body.." Sarah then looked up to the golden statue of Terra the archangel that was positioned above the door of Sarah's office. "Run your Majesty.. run.."

-Innistrad 17
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Public#5PostSubject: Re: GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...   Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:32 pm

Sitting infront of the tv on a messy Couch Eddie didn`t know what to think about what he just saw,Thoughts went through his head like:" Well that went well" or "Wheres the damn remote?"
But just as soon as he stood up he looked out of the window having heard some sounds.
As he looked through the window he saw multiple People panicing like he`s never seen before.
He utters to himself "Well...maybe that guy was important....."
and so he decided to go on as usual and go to the Bar to drink his worries away but in the back of his mind he knows......That reich seems a Little fishy......
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GNN Signal 346B-C ://: Hacked Code ://: Rerouting...

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