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 Noble Houses of the Imperium. {WIP}

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#1PostSubject: Noble Houses of the Imperium. {WIP}   Mon May 29, 2017 8:55 pm

Below is an summery of the 7 Varanus noble houses in the Imperium that serve the Emperor in many appointed tasks,each house has it's own rich history and political clout in the Imperial Court and was formed from the seven original generals that helped the Emperor gain power during the Age of oppression where the Confederacy fell under the Imperial rebels. Each house has their own ancestral weapon which was used by the founder during the "Age of oppresssion.

House Imar:

Family head: Raxus Imar


Governing seat: Argatu

Allegiance: Emperor Sagess Skyrunner. 

Ancestral weapon:The Serpentum Spear

Family motto: "

History:House Imar is the wealthiest of the 7 noble houses,formed by {Former} Front-Captain Raxus Imar after the Emperor took power and bestowed upon his loyal generals the gift of Armaros making him one of the first Vikah since the purge.

House Imar established and ran the administration of the Imperial Trade Guilds until it's eventual pass of position to the growing Merchant caste of the Imperium,despite this house Imar has vital ties to the Trade Guilds that allow them to still influence it to ensure the Emperor's interests as well as their own are not warped by greedy and ambitious merchants.House Imar rebuilt the shattered economy of the fallen Serpentum Confederacy by centralizing all the commercial industries into the state-owned Imperial Trade Guilds,revitalized the economy by establishing an military-industrial complex and minting an singular universal currency still being used by the Imperium today.

House Imar has several holdings including their personal family manor on New Serpentum and several private homes on Argatu.Besides physical holdings the Imar family is also charged with protecting the Imperial treasury and Raxus's first son holds the ever-vital position of Imperial Procopius who oversees and regulates the treasury for the Emperor's ease in decision making.   

House Kurr:
House Crest:

Family head: Lasaa'r Kurr


Governing seat: Turun

Allegiance: Emperor Sagess Skyrunner.

Ancestral weapon:The Plasma-Axe of Numar.

Family Motto:

History:The founder of the house was at first opposed to the Imperial rebels even coming as close to kill the Emperor and end the rebellion all together,however General Numar Kurr soon grew weary of the incompetence of his superiors and seeing how far his own government has fallen he switched sides bolstering the Imperial rebellion with an fresh batch of veteran troops.

Sadly Numar Kurr took an fatal wound during an raid on the Confederate Council building complex,whilst his raid was an success he would later succumb to the wound as he refused to leave the battlefield after sustaining such an wound.His sacrifice secured an vital victory against the Confederate regime and inspired the remaining Confederate military forces to question and turn on the deceitful council they served.

Numar's descendant,his young daughter was rewarded with an noble title establishing House Kurr and becoming the youngest Vikah in Imperial history.One of the highest military honours was named after Numar {Numar's Star} and he has an design named after him.

Sadly House Kurr is one of the smallest in terms in number,but remains influential in all Imperial affairs being one of the more popular houses in the Legion.All of the nobles in this house honour an tradition of serving the military forces either as Legionarres or Officers.

House Cras'sus:

Family head: Tazloc Cras'sus.


House Neublek

Family head:


House Omon

House Feru

House Dumisa
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Noble Houses of the Imperium. {WIP}

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