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Approved#1PostSubject: Turun    Mon May 29, 2017 8:15 pm

Name: Turun

Habitable: Traversing outside will require an environmental suit as the air is filled with soot. 
Terrain: Completely Volcanic as massive oceans of magma cover well over 72% of the planet.
Size: Large
Population: 8 Billion {24% Staff, 31% Orikkha-Caste , 45% Slave/Prisoner }
Location: On the map.

Development Thread: Largest Mineral Refinery in the North.

Massive Industrial complexes take up 15% of the planet's landmass,these advanced factories and shipyards contain the latest in cutting edge Imperial engineering and development technology.The security of this planet rivals that of New Serpentum.

Turun is an extremely rich volcanic world deep in the northern uncharted territories {now part of the Imperial Core Systems} the planet seemed like too much of an hassle for other nearby space nations to exploit.If it wasn't for abundance of materials the Imperium would never have bothered to colonize the planet.

In the course of three months the Varanus would construct an massive series of industrial complexes.The population here make their home in the barracks inside the industrial complex as the series of complexes expanded into an size that can justify it as mini-cities.

As the complexes got to completion the Imperium would require an steady influx of slaves to mine the mineral rich outcroppings while drones would harvest what the slaves couldn't

Several power surges would have bothered the construction effort and while the Imperials blamed it on failing geothermal reactors,the truth would be far worse......But that is an tale for another time.  


View of the outer complex:

The Imperial Foundry world or "Farran'Ma'Kar" to the Varanus is where the Imperium centralizes their largest Industries,using the abundance of minerals found on the planet to refine for use in the local complex factories.

Swarms of drones harvest minerals from the boiling magma alongside massive dams built to filter the molten rock as the magma currents take it past the massive complex system that covers part of the planet.

Toiling in the unbearable heat of the rocky islands dotted across the planet is the Imperium's slaves most of which are criminals sentenced to grueling physical labour rather then domestic servitude always watched closely by their armed wardens. 

The Complex is broken into several sections:

  • The Administration center: Located in the center of the complex array,holds the administration staff and contains the residence of the ruling governor.

CPLX-1 "Mineral Reservoir":

  • CPLX-1: Largest Mineral refinery in the Northern Galaxy,accuires 410 million tons of minerals per hour.That is then refined through an byzantine system of mineralogists,purifiers,metal-workers and automated systems.

  • CPLX-2:Massive shipyards that create the foundations and chassis for future Imperial vessels,these materials are then sent to the orbital shipyards above the planet for easy construction in low-gravity.

  • CPLX-3:Massive factories split in sections each specializing in an specific area of industry, {example:Energy weaponry...Armour manufacturing.}.

  •  CPLX-4:Produces civil products such as tools and other non-military items for use by the general population. {Civilian Vehicles for example.}

  •  CPLX-5:Mostly the residential complex containing thousands of living centers with artificial environments,several parks can be found inside the complex and is also the main source of the water storage on the planet.  

  • Turun Processing Center {The Quartz} :Largest singular prison facility on current Imperial worlds,contains well over 64% of the Imperium's criminals and slave caste.Is known as one of the most brutal prison centers in the galaxy built in the middle of an volcanic ocean preventing any means of land-based escape.The facility was nicknamed the "Quartz" due to it's shape resembling an quartz crystal.

  • Outer Complex:An network of outposts scattered across soot filled islands,it houses both military and complex staff and acts as forward operating bases in the event of an external attack,it also keeps close watch on the slaves and prisoners that toil nearby.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Turun    Tue May 30, 2017 11:34 pm

Nice planet.

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