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 Humanoid Snake

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Approved#1PostSubject: Humanoid Snake   Sat May 27, 2017 5:15 pm

[size=56]Name: Humanoid Snake[/size]
[size=56]Homeplanet: Tenebris[/size]
[size=56]Sentience: Semi-Sentient[/size]

[size=56]Flexibility: As a new race with snake genetics these creatures are able to move around as if they have no bones curling around trees with the body, moving body parts in odd areas you name it.[/size]

[size=56]Intellectual Mind: All of these creatures share the common straight of being smart[/size]

[size=56]Harnden Skin: the developed scales upon birth can harden in any direction spot the humanoid snake concentrates in.[/size]

[size=56]Ice Magic: There Vulnerable to any form of cold like ability along with cold like environments as there cold blooded.[/size]

[size=56]Opened Areas with nothing in them are an disadvantage for the creatures as they need an environment they can slither around in.[/size]


[size=56]Of course these creatures look different however this how(Ventus Appears) some snakes don't have long tails, some have rattlesnake tails, other could have a flat head with horns coming down the from there head to there spine.[/size]

[size=56]Currently there is only one of this entire specimens as Ventus mother and father were the first to create such a race in the world, there isn't a specific culture however there commonly having a sinister way of life. This race is entirely evil while some in the neutral zone this race was meant to cause chaos to society[/size]

[size=56]Snakes with arms themselves were born about in the year 2000, 500 years go on as they begin to birth offsprings with the female snakes, however no snake ever would try to make a child with a human as it was against there policy to do so, a snake with a bit of human DNA was disgusting in there eyes as they secretly despised humans for more than 500 years, Ventus knows uses his demonic nature in other way such as tormenting others, causing fights in bars, performing drastic tricks on other to make them drive themselves crazy and kill themselves.[/size]
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Humanoid Snake   Sat May 27, 2017 5:30 pm

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Humanoid Snake

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