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 The Imperial Army

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#1PostSubject: The Imperial Army   Fri May 26, 2017 9:14 pm

The Imperial Army is known for it's versatility and is currently split between several major branches who all follow the leadership of the Imperators of the Imperium.

The Army consists out of the following and all fall under the leadership of the Legion this includes any vassal militaries.

The Serpentum Legion

The Serpentum Legion is the primary military force of the Imperium consisting mainly of Varanidae in which the de-facto leadership of the military are an part of.The Legion differs from most military forces in the galaxy as each legionnaire is an disciplined fighting machine living to the core tenants of the Legion.

Each legionnaire is an warrior,an servant that swore an oath of service to the Imperium..An oath if broken is punishable by death if the Court is merciful.Only after an full 7 years of grueling training can an Varanus hold the glorious title of legionnaire,their training makes them more then an formidable force on their own and if commanded by an skilled tactician one would discover that legionaries can be far more deadly then any weapon in the Imperium.

The Legion owes it success to their rock-hard discipline,organization and training which could easily pit squad of legionaries against an single spartan.If the legion fails it simply learns from it's losses and adapts it's strategy to ensure victory in the next.

Besides the feared legion infantry the Legion also contains the armored divisions of the Imperium,powerful machines of war that would pave the way in any battlefield with the Legion charging banner first behind.

The Legion wages war according to ancient doctrines,their situation and of course the strategies of their calculating commanders.

During maritime the Legion would pit their Legions against each-other in war games usually hosted on Argatu.

However seeing the Legion outside the Imperial Core systems is rare as the Legion is kept in reserve for major conflicts.

The Farnin Duchy Regulars

The military force of the Grand Duchy of Farnin,the majority of which consists of humans.The F.D.R. while not as well trained or equipped as the Serpentum Legion performs it's role as both the backbone of the Imperial army as well as an police force in the outer sector.

The Imperium uses the large number of humans in the Duchy to create an military force under the command of officers from the legion to form an fighting force aimed at defending Imperial interests in the Outer Sector.

While F.D.R regulars might not be as intimidating or skilled or competent as an legionnaire,one must not underestimate their effectiveness in carrying out the orders of their scaled commanders.

The other obvious advantage is the large number of humans that the Imperium can quickly train and equip.

The Zodarrin Levy  

The Zodarrin Levy consists of outsiders,immigrants,Penal battalions,bounty hunters enc,all seeking citizenship into the Imperium through military service.

The Levy has is the least regulated unit in the Imperium,as the levy brings their own equipment to the front,they have their own ranking systems and appointed leaders who serve under the watchful eye of Legion officers.

The Levy would serve as "expendable" conscripts sent to the front-lines to bring their various skills to use alongside the Legion. 

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The Imperial Army

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