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 Taurus H.A.M.R

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#1PostSubject: Taurus H.A.M.R    Thu May 25, 2017 10:47 pm

Name: Taurus-series Heavy Anti-Material Rifle 
Owner: Serpentum Imperium/Imperial Vassals. {May be sold to other forces}
Creator: Serpentum Engineering Corps and Elnre Industries 

Development Thread: Will be added soon.

Type: Kinetic Anti-Material Rifle
Ammo: 25x137 m793 Caliber rounds with diamond tips and an highly explosive charge.  
Rarity: Extremely Rare

Effective range of 1500 meters with the aid of optical sensors,rounds capable of tearing through armored vehicles and most shielding depending of armor layering,accurate to an fault thanks to advanced stabilizers.Explosive round is deadly to packed infantry squads.Pierces metals around the physical resistance of 7-8{Differs with density} with ease.

Users need to wear power-armour or exoskeleton suits to carry and fire the weapon without damaging their own bodies from the force,limited magazine size of 5 shots,weapon requires time to set up.Expensive to mass produce due to chemical compound used in rounds.Cannot use any other rounds besides the one mentioned at {ammo},quite loud and can shatter eardrums if not wearing protective headwear.

Part of an experimental development project between the weaponmasters of the Serpentum Engineering Corps and the designers of Elnre Industries,the Taurus H.A.M.R is an masterwork of weapon design.

The absurdly powerful  anti-material rifle was designed as an means to allow Imperial snipers to engage armored vehicles and shielded opponents from behind the lines of combat.Using an limited coilgun design to project the bullet at immense speeds building deadly force aimed at adding to it's firepower.The diamond tipped bullets contain an PETN chemical charge making it arguably one of the deadliest conventional rounds in the galaxy.

But with great Strengths come great weaknesses.

Users MUST wear power armour or an protective exoskeleton to absorb the sheer force caused by firing the weapon as well to carry the 10 ton rifle,the weapon requires an setup time of at least 3 minutes on record,the magazine size is limited to only 5 shots without the magazine itself becoming too much of an burden.The sound each shot makes will make it an useless weapon for stealth operations and is an health hazard to those without proper protection.

Finally the weapon is designed to use only it's indicated ammo....The PETN charge however is expensive to mass produce thus the Imperium limits the production of this weapon and it's ammunition to small quantities.  
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#2PostSubject: Re: Taurus H.A.M.R    Thu May 25, 2017 10:57 pm

This requires a dev thread, since its not posted. This is a WIP. This will be moved to archive, wip not allowed within codex.

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Taurus H.A.M.R

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