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#1PostSubject: Systems/Stations/Outposts.   Wed May 24, 2017 9:38 pm

Below is an summary of planets/systems owned and controlled by the Serpentum Imperium and their vassals.


New Serpentum:


New Serpentum is the capital world of the Serpentum Imperium and the new homeworld of the Varanus and the other Sigman races,the capital city and only city bears the same name and it's chiseled beauty inspires visitors from outside the Imperium. The Emperor makes his home in the Ceaseless Citadel and rules over his empire alongside his Court.

Defense forces-Classified




Known as the primary training center where the Imperium breeds their feared legions,Argatu is home to several advanced training centers that push the limits of military training with VR-Simulations,multiple environment training,an mock city for urban training,small arenas with bio engineered beasts to put against teams of legionnaires and much more.Besides the training centers Argatu is an important residential world and ship vital minerals to the factories on New Serpentum and Turun.

Defense Forces-Classified




An market world for the Imperium and capital of the Duchy of Farnin,this planet is also well known as the gateway to the Imperium considering this is where one can seek entry into Core Imperial space where access codes will be required from outsiders. Farnin is one of the busiest worlds in the Northern Galaxy with trade from across the sector and beyond always brimming across it's skies.....It is well known that you can find anything on Farnin if you look long enough.

Current Defense forces-Duchy Military forces.


Turun {Data to be collected}
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