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 Current diplomatic relations

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#1PostSubject: Current diplomatic relations   Wed May 24, 2017 6:27 pm

The following is an summery of foreign relations the Imperium has with other powers and will change actively in response to interactions with other powers as well as current galactic affairs.


  • The Galactic Systems Union [G.S.U]: N/A


The Imperium has had no contact with the G.S.U avoiding their territory and fleets until diplomats from the Court meet them and determine their goals,the armada has observed the G.S.U using long range observation drones for the time being.

  • The Immortals: Wary  

The Imperial Court has postponed all diplomatic ties with the Immortals due to outrages from both the Noblility and senior military staff over the Omega Incident.The Court realizes that the galaxy would percieve the Imperium to conform to Immortal laws if the Treaty passes which will become an humiliation to the Imperium's status as an galactic power.

This change in relations may become influenced by the growing tension between the Immortals and the Reich.   

  • The Nypherian Empire: Neutral/Respectful {Trade Agreement/Cybernetic tech assistance & Non-Aggression Pact}

After an issue regarding an fleeing slave vessel,the Imperials met the Nypherians and established an both an trade agreement as well as an non-aggression pact.The Court is pleased with this action and might pursue further relations with the Nypherians.

The Imperials agreed to remain out of Nypherian borders as well as to respect Kyodain's neutrality should an war between the Immortals and Reich break out which will involve the Imperials.

  • Inquisitorial Reich: Alliance {Military Alliance (Rite of Varan)}

Currently the Imperium has an military alliance with the Reich following successful negotiations on New Serpentum aimed at quelling the Immortals,the Imperial Court has bestowed upon the Reich the Rite of Varan,being the first Zodarrin force to earn this ancient pact the Court hopes for an prosperous future between the two powers.

The Reich will provide auxiliary ships to reinforce the overstretched Serpentum Armada until the factories on Turun can restore the Armada to an shred of it's former self.

  • Clan Kyodian: N/A

The Imperium had scouted Kyodian territory before,knowing them to be an small but stable galactic power thriving in trade with the nearby Nypherians,unaware that the Seraphim still exist the eventual meeting between the two powers will be surprising to the Court.

  • Dryadic Foraoise: N/A

Rumors of an force travelling on what can best be described as an living ship engaged with Reich forces leading to an retreat....The current status of this force and their location is unknown to the Imperial Naval Administration and seeking them out is currently beneath their concerns

  • The Tower: N/A

The Imperium has had several merchants trading through Farnin coming from an world called "Black Garden",the Imperium has yet to explore the Inner worlds and will not open diplomatic relations with that planet for some time.

  • The Defensive Korps of Sabaton: Currently aiding against the Flickr 

After discovering the Flickr roamed rampart on Sabaton the Imperial Court immediately agreed to handle the situation,the supreme commander of the Serpentum Legion Grand Imperator Zorbek himself leads the operation.

  • The Order: N/A

The Imperium does not know the Order exists as it is in the vast uncharted west.

  • Necronis Stratocracy: N/A

The Imperium has yet to meet or know of the existence of the Stratocracy.

  • Council of Wizards: N/A

The Imperium does not know the Council exists and have no means of knowing currently.

  • Atrata Federation: Protectorate 

The Atrata Federation is currently an Protectorate under the Imperium,they have protection from the Imperials but is effectively under their control in return for their safety.The Imperials plan on releasing the Atrata from protectorate status once they become an self-efficient state once more alongside their plans on using their territory as an staging ground for operations in the South.

Some argue that the protectorate should become an slave state while others wish to keep it as an foreign colony....It would all depend on the first few months of the Federation's rule under the Imperium.


Basic diplomatic terms & explainations: {WIP}

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Current diplomatic relations

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