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 Playing pool

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Public#1PostSubject: Playing pool   Wed May 17, 2017 9:18 pm


The doors swung open slowly as the stranger entered the dimly lit room.  The few who noticed, or cared, saw a short figure clothed in a dusty black trenchcoat with a stetson pulled down low over his / her face.  The stetson had seen better days but so had all of those gathered in this particular drinking hole.  The small figure, almost as wide as it was tall, moved with a grace that was at odds with its apearance.  An appearance that on further examination left those who looked more confused than anything.  Standing three and a half feet tall from the sole of her boots to the tips of her shoulder length deep brown hair Riza was sure nobody on this planet had seen her kind before.  With physical traits inherited from goblins, dwarves, and elves awoken were similar to all three but very, very different as well.  She hadn't come to to the saloon to reminesce about her species though, she had come to drink but more importantly to play.

"Something cheap, wet, and guaranteed to get me drunk."

Her voice was more melodic than the barkeep had expected, or maybe he had thought her a small child do to her short stature.  Either way he did first a double take and then a tripple take.  Here in the outskirts of nowhere she was used to it.  These places were the places to play games of chance though.  These places were not affiliated with the big casinos who may or may not be looking for her.  The stakes could be far less than what you could win other places, but it was far less dangerous.  Well, mostly.
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Playing pool

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