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 Hide and seek (Preemptive vehicle submission mecha dev thread.)

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#1PostSubject: Hide and seek (Preemptive vehicle submission mecha dev thread.)   Wed May 17, 2017 10:58 am

Temprest...A barren planet with little to no life aside from the pesky hivestalkers. A planet that has been turned into a testing ground for weapons of the immortals as they would not cause any structural damage here if it was far enough from the outposts. What they were testing today though, would forever change immortal vehicular combat. Today the first test round of the immortal mechas would begin. 70 meter high behemoths were to be designed and tested here for future use in combats, these massive robots would use only meelee combat in addition to their sheer size and strength to deal with the enemy. The ultimate in brawling defense. However, former tests with analogue controls through joysticks and control panels have proved to be useless for the controls would take too much time to respond with. Instead these machines would be mindlinked to their pilots. A few experienced pilots were called in to testthe controls of these massive robots. Currently there were only 2 mechas ready for testing, one big red one and one big blue and purple one. one of them had 3 arms whereas the other had 4. Today the testing of the controls would begin. Jessie red was the first candidate to be elected for this job as some of her displays with fighter ships were impressive to say the least. The other one that was called in was Johan Zyl who has by now made a big name for himself within the faction.

The mechas had their nuclear core ready and were ready to be taken out on their first mission. Or playtime. Sylvia Roothearth was looking over this mission. From an overview lab spot the two mechas were inclear sight, this test could soon begin.

[ooc: @davethehydraking @X-Calibur post at your leisure, this post only has it's use once we make the t4 mecha submission.]
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Hide and seek (Preemptive vehicle submission mecha dev thread.)

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