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 The knight with issues

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#1PostSubject: The knight with issues   Tue May 16, 2017 10:35 am

Name: Evelyn Syvera
Species: Light elf
Age: Apears around 22 but her age is unkown.
Faction: None, Perhaps she will join a faction one day.
Alignment: Chaotic Good




-Intelligence, Despite her insanity, Evelyn is still a pretty clever woman, capable of applying many military tactics in combat, She is also very patient. Capable of taking any amount of pain for years if she has a plan.
-Agility, Evelyn (like many other elves) is capable of bending her body in almost impossible angles. On top of that she is quite fast wel capable of dodging shots if not blocking them out, it is however not possible for her to dodge an entire barrage of bullets, just 5 with alot of luck. Focused fire will be able to hit her.
-Insane, The many years of torture and abuse have taken their toll on Evelyn. While this has some perks it mostly has drawbacks. For example she has a better idea of when to retreat due to a lack of fear (or self preservation). Also she can focus on a single person to kill better than sane people.
-Strength, despite being a medium sized woman, Evelyn's years of abuse have strengthened her physically. She is well capable of violently swinging her sword around, blocking out though meelee strikes and large projectiles. This kind of ties in with her movement speed while she wears some pretty solid armor.
-Curves, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Insane, Evelyn's insanity has many drawbacks in contrast to the few perks it grants her. For one it makes her unsuitable for stealth (if she is unfocused) due to her constant snickering and commentry. Also she takes little to no consideration to people she does not care about (wich is no one save for her own species that she wants to save from the clutches of the empire that so mercilessly destroyed her empire) wich means she is a liability to work with (I.E when an ally is fighting in close range of a strong enemy Evylyn wants to bomb she will throw the bomb anyway and expect the ally to get out of blast range on their own.)
-Loose cannon, Despite absolutely sucking over range with anything other than lobbing her bombs she still decided to carry a semi automatic, long range pistol for some reason. Whenever she has to engage over range she will whip this pistol out first and blindly fire in the general direction of her enemy almost never hitting anything. Even when put in a stealthy sniper position she still rarely hits her mark, at close range (slightly outside sword) she can be effective, but this is mostly cosmetic as her blade is much more powerfull.
-Liability, being extremely generous, Evelyn has a mind of her own and will often do as she pleases herself, even if it goes against orders she has recieved. Often putting herself and other in danger.
-Electricity, If applied correctly a quick electric burst can easily put her down. This however requires skill and getting into her sword reach wich might be one of the most hazardous areas in the galaxy, or requires a considerable amount.
-Range, over long range, skilled snipers using high calibre weapons may be able to put her down assuming she doesnt block it out.


-Custom made offensive knight armor.
-Light elven handgun
-Custom made Light elven greatsword.
-Custom made Light elven bombs.
-Light elven shield

-Mage, Evelyn back in the days of her being free and not absolutely batshit insane used to be a skilled mage. Often known for healing her allies in the middle of combat, Casting ranged fire spells and other magical attacks. The problem however is with a lack of being able to practice she forgot most of her magical abilities. The only spells she can still fully remember to cast is a healing spell she used during her imprisonment and she recently learned to fire a small jolt of sun elven magic through her blade.
-Luck of of the escapees, An ability unique to her kind that allows those who spent time in captivity will have better luck in general.
-Shield skills, Not only can Evelyn react on time to block out incoming bullets (if she saw the shutter in advance) she can also throw it at the face of an enemy, dealing some considerable damage and stunning or at least making them flinch for a short while so that she may close distance.

Long ago, on a distant unnamed planet there was a terrible war (like any other okanet lulz). This was a war between two races: orcs and elves. But they werent the only species on this planet, there were also humans on there. After many centuries of warfare and both factions significantly improving their tech, the uninvolved humans finally decided to pick a side and end this war. They decided to side with the largest army wich happened to be the orcs and after only a few years the elven army was vanquished, however, the orcs enslaved all the survivors in the army as well as the civilians. The humans who first protested against the cruelty of the orcs eventually went along with it. Only 10 years later 25% of the elven population has passed away due to poor treatment and health. Meanwhile the humans have developed space tech in the name of exploration of the galaxy. Due to the cruelty many of the elves either became anxious and terrified of anything or completely batshit insane.

One of the surviving members of the army back then was named Evelyn Syvera who used to be a healer/knight who later went on to prominently use bombs and her blade. For whatever reason she was taken along into space, perhaps to keep the space explorers entertained or to help in maintenance of the ship. There was but one fatal flaw that would help Evelyn escape...Her chains were poorly maintained and began reaching the end of their lifespan as they became weaker every single day. Soon they would be weak enough to be ripped out of the wall, restarting a new war with the empire that has been founded on the ashes and graves of the elven treehuggers.



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The knight with issues

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