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 The only legacy I ever left (wip)

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#1PostSubject: The only legacy I ever left (wip)   Sun May 14, 2017 12:13 am

Name: Melina Ashworth Ritter Von Mare Calcum the 6th, and last, member of the Ashworth line "The Tyrant of Mare Calcum" 
Species: Altered human
Age: 35 at her time of death
Faction: N/A
Alignment: a sense.





  • Combat experience.
  • Physicality 
  • Determination
  • The abilities granted by her undead state


  • Self-confidence 
  • Merciful nature 
  • Self-esteem
  • Recklessness 
  • Holy magic


Atonement: Atonement is the enlarged, no oversized, blade Melina swings as if it was nothing. It's a truly magical blade that slices through all manner of beings from gods to demons and everything in between however it is also ridiculously heavy and would be nigh impossible for any normal being to wield except for Melina that is but that's due to her being undead. The true power of Atonement lies in the fact it is closely tied to her spirit and slowly feeds on her soul subjecting it to erosion. Normally people afflicted by this would swiftly loose their minds and descend into a spiral of insanity caused by memory loss but Melina's sense of self is potent enough to resist this effect and delay it. Alas there is little she can do by it except fulfil the requirement's placed upon her. Until she completes her atonement the sword will constantly erode her soul and, upon death, return her to life to complete the task given to her.

Armour of Schwarz The Armour of Schwarz is literally that. Black armour specifically of the plate mail kind being plates of metal worn over chainmail. There is nothing fancy about the armour whatsoever. It is literally just standard armour worn by knights on horseback. Of course despite it's lack of magical abilities it was in fact crafted by magical methods and has the potential to be enhance ted with magic 


Physicality: Less a power and more something Melina's worked for over many years she is a very strong women. She's not super strong, I.E Captain America or the Hulk, but she's definitely a contender for world's strongest women if you excluded super powered individuals that is. Other than she's tough as nails and has a simply enviable amount of stamina. She can fight all night long and only start feeling tired when morning comes although that may be down to her undead nature and general resilience. 

Undeath: Through no conscious choice of her own Melina is undead and as such has a few...tricky abilities. First is the fact she's only able to be killed by weapons that harm the spirit or soul, such as weapons blessed by a higher power, as any damage her body does sustain is healed eventually no matter the severity. The more complex wound the longer it takes to heal her of course if one broke her body apart and kept those parts away she would be unable to put herself back together. The only other advantage she has from this is she can see and communicate with spirits even dominating weaker ones, by which I mean ones so old they have lost a lot of their self-awareness and sense of identity, allowing her to use them as soldiers or minions. Of course there are a few more powerful spirits under her command thanks to pacts made in life such as her former body guard having pledged service to her through everything.

Melagardor. Melagardor is Melina's horse a pitch black stallion with burning red eyes. She was the steed that served Melina in life having died and fallen prey to an extremely vengeful spirit of rage of course thanks to her former owner's stubbornness she was able to break Melgardor back in and regain a certain level of control over her. Of course due to the fact Melgardor is an undead stallion possessed by a spirit of rage it has a few unique abilities. Firstly it is incredibly more powerful, physically, than an ordinary horse able to carry the weight of a car if needs be. Secondly this increased strength means a single good kick from Melgardor can pulp brains and kill the unlikely in a single good hit. Thirdly she can breath fire great swaths of all consuming fire to scorch foes and lastly she's incredibly hard to control even for Melina who has repeatedly lost control over her.

Melina was born almost five hundred years ago now on a planet long since scoured of life


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The only legacy I ever left (wip)

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