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 The scarlet titan wip

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#1PostSubject: The scarlet titan wip   Fri May 12, 2017 10:20 pm


Name: Immortal mecha A.K.A The scarlet titan.
Owner: The immortals
Manufacturer: Bylian arms company, Berserker logistics, P.I.F inc.

Development Thread: Upon completion of other dev threads. Expect it soon.

Type: Mecha.
Materials: Cykx plexiglass coated Dwarven steel.
Length/Height: 60 meters.
Rarity: Rare (currently 3 in existance of wich one is an unusable prototype.)

Weapons: 3
Armour: 5
Shields: 7
Speed: 3
Handling: 2

Notable Equipment
-Meelee strength and weaponry, The scarlet titan has been equiped with many high performance engines made for meelee combat on a massive scale, it is able to destroy many things with it's bare hands. The hands itself are sharpened and can be reconfigurated into buzzsaws for added efficiency against tanks and structures not so much due to the sharpness but through the sheer size of the weapons. This does have the backlash that it does not have any ranged weapons equiped and when the shields are down the Scarlet titan is extremely vulnerable to artillery and airstrikes.
-Light shields, The mechas primary defense comes from shields that can stop both ballistics and energy weaponry. These shields can be disabled through hacking or through EMP's leaving the mecha itself to rely on the armor plating that cover the engines.

The immortals have always been known for wrapping their troops in alot of armor, but now they were willing to take it another step further. With robotics becoming more and more common and lots of armies relying on ranged weaponry to deal with the enemy a mecha seemed like an interesting counter. Something has been in the works for many years, due to a lack of power supplies potent enough to keep such a behemoth running the project never got finished, but with the recent access to Cykx technology a new sort of battery created out of Cykx liquid was made wich could hold more power than crystals of the same size. With these new batteries invented the Cykx could multiply their potential by making them rechargeable and creating larger ones. Generators were installed in the robot to keep the batteries charged for the duration of the mission, and ater that, the Scarlet titan was finally ready to hit the scene. Tested by multiple soldiers the normal analogue controls proved useless so the struggle to make these mechas really work was not over yet.

A new innovation was required but with brain based controls already available, the solution was not far around the corner. A scarlet titan would require only one pilot, but controlling these mechs would be extremely hazardous, both physically and psychologically. The pilot would have to enter the robot and restrain their arms, legs and waist so they can not escape the control seat during the controlling of the robot. The pilot would then have to wear a helmet of the sort that lets the brain directly connect with the robot instead of with their own body, allowing the pilot to see through the robot's eyes as if it were their own and control the arms as if they were theirs, but with the design there were a few complications. For one, if a robot's arm were to be removed the pilot's arm could be permamently paralyzed. The destruction of the mech will not kill the pilot but will leave severe mental scars as they have just witnessed their own death in a certain sense. The pilot also may not have too many emotional thoughts prior to controlling the mecha, meaning that they must remain nearby the robot or alone until after a mission. Due to the design of the Scarlet titan having three arms to increase it's efficiency, trainings for pilots take extremely long. (approxamitly 12 years if the candidate does not show an affinity. If they do the process to controlling the scarlet titan can take 9 months at best).

Currently there are only a few scarlet titans in existance as the construction rate of the custom made parts is low at best. It is expected to take up to 6 months to create each individual robot when the construction of other weapons, vehicles and ships is taken into account. Meaning with luck up to 2 mechas can be constructed each year. 
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#2PostSubject: Re: The scarlet titan wip   Wed May 24, 2017 1:36 am

WIP's arent allowed within the Codex, to help clear space. Message staff once this needs tobe graded. This will be archived, until further notice

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The scarlet titan wip

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