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 The Necronis Stratocracy Log #29

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Faction#1PostSubject: The Necronis Stratocracy Log #29   Thu May 11, 2017 8:12 pm

Log #29
Its been 2 weeks since the plan was devised to destroy the last Demon stronghold and battleship on the planet Necronis. A few days after the plan was made the military force was assembled. This consisted of 3 Leviathan - Phantom class fighters, each manned by 2000 of the new generation of Nekrax, 500 current generation Nekrax and 5 'Feral' pods. For the assault on the stronghold, Lord Mortimus Vrax would lead a force of 20,000 new gen troops and 8,000 current gen troops all equipped with the latest equipment produced since the formation of the The Necronis Stratocracy. 

The battle began with the assault of the stronghold. I had the privileged of witnessing this attack myself. The forces were deployed by Military Unit Transports (MUTs) and were instructed to march on the hold and clear it of all demonic presence. However, we had underestimated the size of the force we were up against. We thought that since the fall of the demonic crusade that the majority of its forces had left. We were wrong. As soon as we marched into range we were beset upon by a hail of demonic magics and weapons. The troops were instructed to dig in and a series of trenches were made, surrounding the large city. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Demon's original invasion of Necronis. The vast maze of trenches that covered the planet's surface and the horrors we faced on a daily bases and the corruption brought on us. Now here we were, fighting once again in trenches. It had a poetic cycle to it. 

4 hours after the assault on the Stronghold, our fighters were sent to attack the Demon's battleship. Upon arrival, all ships opened fire, the infernium fueled cannons blasting into the shields made of demonic energy. For a whole hour, shots were traded between the 3 fighters and battleship until the shields fell. It was then , i was told, that the pods containing the 'Ferals' were released. 15 projectiles, 30ft by 10ft by 6ft, were fired at high speed at the battleships hull. At impact the pods opened and the electric charge released, sending over 500 'Ferals' into the bowels of the ship. Meanwhile the 3 fighters closed in, connecting to the battleship via docking tubes. Reports say that the docking troops were ment with heavy resistance. It seems the 'Ferals' weren't enough to distract a majority of the Demonic forces. 

Back on land, for 5 days Mortimus Vrax lead charge after charge at the city. His plan was to penetrate into the Demon's defenses and set up small bastions of men. These groups were to remain hidden until a signal was given. Obviously there were other attacks on the city, distractions and suicide missions to keep the Demons busy. I saw firsthand a squad of fresh, new gen troops charge at a Demon barricade, only to be ripped apart by various weapons which tore them apart; their human forms shredded and burned. Yet they still charged on, some with no legs or arms, void of pain and horror. Undead. It made me proud to be Nekrax, despite our unnatural form. It came to me then that this corruption forced on us by our Demonic oppressors, this curse, had become our greatest advantage. On the 6th day the order was given for all troops, except those that had infiltrated the city, to stop any attacks and retreat back into the trenches, hidden. This was to create unease among the Demonic forces. We stayed hide, still for another 3 days.

In space it was a bloodbath. 'Ferals' ran all over the ship, killing anything they could find with tooth and nail. The troops that had boarded the ship were fighting a long, desperate struggle, taking the ship room by room, corridor by corridor. Wherever they went, a trail of dead Demons and Nekrax were left, a carpet of flesh and metal. Almost all the new gen troops had been either shot, burned or shredded in one way or another, making it difficult to distinguish them from the older generations. Slowly they pushed to the vital points of the ship. It took a week for the Nekrax forces to push through the ship. The 'Ferals' were all but destroyed as the Demon's numbers fell faster and faster. By the end of the week, the ship was taken and brought down to the planet, to the city of Skolvard.

8 days after the initial assault on the demon Stronghold, Mortimus Vrax executed the final part of his plan. Spreading his troops to surround the city, lined up in a formal formation. With a single command we advanced, walking slowly towards the city. Like an army of ghosts we advanced, brothers and sisters dying all round us. It was then that i realized what Vrax was trying to do. He wasn't trying to take the stronghold with as little casualties as possible, no. He was making a show, displaying the vastness of our number and our undead nature. He was trying to scare them. It worked. One by the one the Demons broke, trying to run and hide within the city. That's when the signal was given and hundred of Nekrax troop appeared from their hiding places in the city, marching out and killing the fleeing Demons. Soon the Demons were trapped between the slowly closing circle the expanding forces in the city. It was over in a few hours, the last Demon fell, surrounded by hundreds of troops. The stronghold had fallen.
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The Necronis Stratocracy Log #29

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