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 The Necronis Stratocracy Logs #1-28

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Faction#1PostSubject: The Necronis Stratocracy Logs #1-28   Thu May 11, 2017 6:12 pm

Log #1
Today, the Nekrax people have risen from the ashes of our dead world and claimed Independence. From the demons that once dominated us and the humans from whom we originated. The Lords have laid plans for the reconstruction of our world. Among those tasks are the repair and restoration of the Leviathan - Phantom class fighters and the termination of the remaining Demons.

Log #3
Over the last few weeks, the people of Necronis have been migrating back to the cities. Since we have no need for many of the services need for living organisms, they have been put to work in factories, civil engineering or the army. Many of the wandering 'lost' Nekrax have been rounded up and placed in containment warehouses. The Lords are still deciding what to do with them.

Log #8
Our scouts have given information on the whereabouts of several remaining demonic camps. The Lords are currently making plans to assault and terminate them. A decision has also been made about the hordes of 'lost' Nekrax. Our scientists have discovered that without the influence of demons, they have become docile unless provoked into a 'feral' state. This state can be achieved be the introduction of an electric pulse. The Lords decision is to utilize this in warfare by putting hordes of them into vast capsules that can be fired at and penetrate a ship's exterior. A charge will be sent through the capsule and the 'lost' Nekrax will be released into the enemy ship to cause havoc or a distraction. The Lords are eager to test this tactic.

Log #16
Due to the (literally) tireless efforts of the Nekrax people; the cities of Krieg, Martyx and Valkreen have been restored and expanded. The ruins have become a vast spree of industry, providing weapons, ammo, armor, tools and many other items for our expansion. Great leaps have been made by our top scientists as well. They have devised ways to expand our limited population. Everyone knows that the corruption that we are cursed with prevents us from reproducing, however, with advancements in technology we are now able to clone and grow more Nekrax. The subjects are born dead but are still able to move, speak and think, much like the current undead population. They are given a limited education in the functions that they will be fulfilling, such as military, construction, research, etc. It is easy to distinguish this new generation from the current one due to their appearance. The current generation is centuries old and so look very damaged or have no flesh at all. These new Nekrax still look like humans apart from the dead look in their eyes and the lack of vital signs (no heart beat, coagulated blood). 

Log #23
The first of the restored Leviathan - Phantom ships have been launched. A fleet of 6 has now been mobilized and now patrol airspace above the major cities of The Necronis Stratocracy (Krieg, Martyx, Valkreen, Skolvard and Hexwrath). Lord Mortimus Vrax has formulated a plan to attack a number of demon strongholds, 3 of which have been launched with great success. The details are still classified.

Log #29
It was discovered that the demons had a battleship in orbit of the planet. They had launched it from the southern most continent of Necronis, a barren and toxic swamp where the demons first made planet fall all those centuries ago. It was also discovered that the ship was launched from the very last stronghold of the demons on Necronis. The Lords have devised a plan top deal with both the ship and the stronghold, utilizing our new tactics of the 'Lost' hordes (now known as 'Ferals' in the military) and the vast army of fresh Nekrax that have been grown. It will a two pronged attack, commanded by Lord Mortimus Vrax. Details are classified.
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The Necronis Stratocracy Logs #1-28

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