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 Sycarx (Redone)

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Approved#1PostSubject: Sycarx (Redone)   Wed May 10, 2017 1:49 pm

Name: Sycarx
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: mixture, much like Earth
Size: Large
Population: 100% Human, however there are great beasts that roam the lands, and the humans range only in the millions across the entire planet.
Location: 55 degrees, 45,000 light years from Earth

Development Thread: N/A 

The planet was originally a human colony still attached to Earth. However, when the Convergence struck the world was flung backwards in time. This caused havoc on the world as it had to readjust itself. The humans that had called the planet home had been rather technologically advanced. Since this event though, they have degraded into tribes.

As for the humans that now call the planet home, their technology is like that of stone age civilizations. The only difference is that they also have the technological remnants of the planet's original owners. They typically hunt the giant monsters and beasts that were formed as a result of the Convergence.

The planet was formed 4 billion years ago. Several thousand years ago Humans colonized the planet, but then the Convergence happened and it was flung back in time. For some reason, all advancement stopped. They ended. Many of their ruins, especially the ones still functioning, carry no traces of their existence other than the artifacts they left behind. But others, others resemble mass burial grounds with solidified bodies strewn about as though some great calamity befell them.

Since then, several colony ships filled with Human beings landed upon the planet. With their ships damaged they were unable to leave. As time passed the colonists reverted to a tribal culture, resulting in the world you see today.

Sycarx has five main tribes, all of which control different regions of the planet. Their are numerous minor tribes as well as an uncountable number of ruins that dot the planet. Some of these ruins are still functioning, however these ones are also the hardest to enter. It requires either a specialized tool (which will be explored in Keith's and my thread) or some very ingenuitive ideas.

The Parisii - a major tribe that controls a huge swath of the jungles across the planet's equator. They excel at combat in the trees, using ropes to drop down hit an enemy and swing out of the way before the enemy could hit back. While peaceful with other tribes, they hate intruders in their jungles.

The Aulerci - This tribe lives on the sands of the planet's southern deserts. Due to a lack of water, they are heavily nomadic. They excel at harvesting as much as possible from a creature's corpse. Being fierce warriors the Aulerci is the only one of the big five that hunts down monsters in close range combat.

The Bellovaci - This tribe lives among the mountains in the northwest corner of the world's map. With a high amount of ruins that are still functioning the Bellovaci are always supplied with a large amount of resources, leaving them with a surplus of steel for their forges. This tribe excels at producing armors from a beast's corpse.

The Senones - The Senones are the most advanced of the five tribes in the art of the bow. As such, their archers are both the most feared and honored among the tribes. Of all the tribes, they are also the only ones that completely bans anything to do with the ruins. They live in the northeast mountains of Sycarx, isolating themselves from the rest of the tribes.

The Aedui - The Aedui are the biggest antagonist among the tribes. They have made their homes in the planet's northern plains. With the largest population, the Aedui have been raiding all of the tribes north of the jungles. Their mad king has been sacrificing them in order to appease his god and calm the apparently maddened beasts.

Certain small tribes, of an unknown location, size, and name, that have discovered a way to recreate some of their predecessors weapons. These tribes are able to produce both guns and gunpowder, though not with the overwhelming efficiency that is found on other planets. Due to feeling oppressed by the five main tribes, these tribes have banded up and begun to attack other tribes in the shadows.

All cities will be created through RPs.

F'undar link

Odin link

Lucy link

Shade link

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Sycarx (Redone)   Wed May 10, 2017 4:56 pm


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Sycarx (Redone)

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