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 Orders Are Orders

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Yusuf Al Thani
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Galactic Systems Union
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#1PostSubject: Orders Are Orders   Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:54 pm

"Over the last 18 hours, multiple reports had been received describing what seems to be another terrorist attack reported to have been perpetrated by supernaturals. If this is true, then this would be another attack in a long chain of similar incidents occurring worldwide. Crime scene investigators' reports are still ongoing and as of now, police forces are advising the public not to panic. However many radical leaders of nations all around the globe are calling for a world-wide isolation. This has stemmed many protests both for and against the idea of quarantine. Many of those who stand with them voice suspicions of these attacks being coordinated in order to push forward an agenda targeted against supernaturals while those who stand against them argue that these assumptions are baseless and without proof.

Our on-scene reporter Kelly Trevelyan has managed to secure interviews with multiple eye-witnesses that had been present during the attack. Over to you Kelly..."

Admiral Yusuf-Al-Thani continued to listen to the news report, his eyes locked on the space above the double doors that connected his personal quarters to the small corridor outside. He sat in a slouched position on his chair, resting his left elbow on the desk in front of him while he fiddled with a key chain in his other hand.

Suddenly, the holo-pedestal on the right side of his table glowed and the bright blue-white illuminating figure of Selina appeared hovering over it.
"That's just one more in a line of hundreds of other attacks.." Yusuf mused to himself out loud.
"Shall I have the crewmen retrieve your tinfoil hat sir?" Selina quipped with a smirk.
Yusuf's eyes shifted and stopped on the small figure.
"What is it now?" He asked, knowing she would never make an appearance in his private quarters just to have a chat.
"You have a new set of orders from HIGHCOM. You are to oversee the capture of designated supernatural targets that ONI Section 3 believes could pose a risk to the public." Selina informed him.
"I thought the punishment came after the crime.." Yusuf commented.
"Who said they're being punished? Once you capture them, you hand them over to ONI for protective custody. But that's not your job to know. These orders are from High Command Admiral, may I remin-"
"I know what it means to receive orders from High Command Selina, but I don't have to like it either. And something's wrong with this whole situation. It's too..."
"With respect sir, it doesn't matter what you think. Orders are orders, and it's your duty to see the job done. I'll be waiting in the bridge." And with that, she disappeared.

Yusuf shifted his gaze back to the spot on the wall, pondering to himself for few more moments.
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Orders Are Orders

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