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 The Guide to Convergence RP

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#1PostSubject: The Guide to Convergence RP   Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:57 pm

Getting Started
To get started simply post a character bio in the Character Creation section. The template will be visible when you go to create a new topic. Once filled out you don't need to wait for approval, go ahead and start writing!

Check if anyone is online in the Chatbox if you need help. If not either post a question in the Guides & Questions section or join our Discord channel (link on the Right of the page), where there is usually someone always online. If you already have a plan in mind you can post a public thread and get started straight away.

Solo threads are also an option if you want to lay the groundwork for your character and let others see your writing in action.

Introduction to Convergence RP
In the Year 2563, a powerful celestial dragon had awoken and pulled realms from outside this universe into the known galaxy. Chaos and conflict brewed until the being was defeated by a group of heroes.. Although the immediate danger was over, the aftermath still changed the galaxy forever.

With such drastic shifts in power, both magical and political, more heroes and villains are rising to spotlight.
The question is: which are you?

Create your own characters, species, ships and planets, adding to our lore in your own creative ways so you can write the stories you want!

The Codex
The Codex is a large section of the forum dedicated to submitting custom creations in regards to Equipment, Spaceships, Planets, and Species. A template for each type is within it's respective area and once filled out and posted will be judged by an Admin. If the submission works well within the Convergence universe and doesn't give anyone 'godmode' ability, it will be approved for use. The Codex is entirely optional, but recommended to give your custom creations validity in the universe.

Your account levels up depending on how many posts you have made. These levels stop at 40, at which point you can 'Prestige' into Infamy (Evil), Renown (Neutral) or Valor (Good). The requirements for each level are below:
Level Ratios:

Factions & The Map
Factions and their territory are a large part of Convergence RP. While the experience is entirely optional, you can join in on a galactic political climate between the multiple factions; either by joining one's side or creating your own. On the Map you can see the territories Factions own and what resources their planets possess. For a full guide on how Factions work, see the Faction Handbook HERE.
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The Guide to Convergence RP

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