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Yusuf Al Thani
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Approved#1PostSubject: Chiron   Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:55 pm

Name: Chiron
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Mostly desert with some dirt where palm tree-like vegetation grows. The beaches surrounding the edges of each land mass surpass the size of any beach seen on Earth
Population: A few hundred thousand
Location: 90 degrees, one square from Earth

Development Thread: N/A

The planet is off-limits to normal civilians. The only constructs seen on the surface are large UNSC bases built for the purposes of researching and developing new weapons tech. The planet as such acts as a testing ground for new weapons to be developed as well as mining grounds for resources needed to develop weapon prototypes. If a prototype is approved, then the weapon is mass produced using resources imported from other planets. The endeavors are headed by the UEG-funded company: Blizzard Technologies.
The company focuses on developing new firearms as well as improving upon existing weapon designs by developing new features such as making the weapons lighter and stronger. In addition to this the company has been experimenting with energy-based ammunition which they look forward to incorporating into existing UNSC firearms and vehicles.

The planet is heavily guarded. Each base is surrounded by a network of experimental armour-piercing energy turrets. Each base is also guarded by its own complement of UNSC troops and armour. Hornet, Wasp and Falcon VTOL aircraft number in the hundreds of thousands and patrol their own designated sectors of the planet.

The planet itself is surrounded by a network of 90 Orbital Defence Platforms and its own complementary UNSC fleet.

Discovered post-Haven incident, the UEG specially reserved this planet purely for the purposes of Research and Development. Blizzard Technologies was the brainchild of top-level ONI scientists and approved by the UEG. As such the company was allowed to occupy their own planet and use it as a massive testing grounds for their newly developed military hardware. The planet's location has been kept a secret and is only known to the highest ranking officials in the UEG, ONI and UNSC. Despite this however, the Orbital Defence fleet has noted several anomalies in the local space quadrant, leading some to believe that a faction of the Covenant may have secretly discovered the location of the planet through seemingly unknown means.

The planet is 25% bigger than the Earth and from orbit, it looks like a giant beach. Each continent is surrounded by miles of sand with the innermost parts consisting of dirt and palm trees. Mountains exist near the centers of each continent and all but a few volcanoes have been reported as inactive. The planet is orbited by a two dwarf planets that are easily visible in the sky. These two dwarf planets are completely inhabitable but small military outposts exist on each dwarf planet for training purposes.
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Daniel Almis
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Chiron   Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:59 am

Queued for the next map update.

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