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 The Order

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Faction#1PostSubject: The Order   Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:11 am

The Order 


What Is the Order: The Order is a militaristic dictatorship from the planet of Biringan, they are intent on spreading their influence throughout the galaxy.  


  • The Engkantos are the highest form of life within the galaxy, all other species are lower lifeforms that should be treated with contempt. 

  • Any Engkantos with an IQ below that of 130 should be terminated as they are not worthy of life. 

  • Any Engkantos that lack average strength levels should be terminated as they are not worthy of life, that is unless they have an IQ above 160.   

  • Any Engkantos that lack the ability to effectively contribute to society must be terminated  

  • No other species are able to live within territory controlled by The Order unless they have been permitted 

Motives: The Order believe the Engkantos are the highest form of life within the galaxy and as such should rule it. This however does not mean they are unwilling to ally themselves with other factions if it is mutually beneficial.  

Formation: The Order was originally a rebel group known as The Insurgo that rose up against the oppressive planet wide monarchy. After a long civil war the monarchy was destroyed and The Insurgo sized power of the planet Biringan. 

Early Years: The first few years after the war were spent structuring a system that would effectively govern the planet, originally The Insurgo decided to form a republic and aptly changed their name to The Republic, but this did not last long as there was constant infighting, little progress, and corruption within the government.

The Takeover: After several years of this governmental stagnation a famous and publicly revered military commander with both the support of The Republic miltary and the citizens of Biringan seized power renaming the Republic to The Order, this commander's name was Varius Nerva. After Varius seized power there was a short lived revolt by Republic sympathizers, but this was swiftly crushed, all involved in said revolt were publicly executed as a show of strength by Varius.

Progress: Under the guidance of Varius and his miltary council the people of Biringan progressed both culturally and technologically, but the decisions made by Varius and his the council were not always met with wide approval, however nobody dared speak up against The Order and risk punishment. This progress continued after the death of Varius, it was however much slower. After the death of Varius a new public figure head for The Order was elected among the council members, this practice of election among council members continues to this day.

Current day: There has been little progress in recent decades and the people of Biringan grow restless, the council seeing this fears they are seen as weak and that there may be a planet wide revolt. The council has decided it must expand the power of The Order beyond that of their home planet, they're doing this out of both a sense of superiority and as a way to distract the people of Biringan from the lack of progress. The order now seeks new land and new tech beyond the stars.
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The Order

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