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 drawing shapes (P thread)

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#1PostSubject: drawing shapes (P thread)   Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:04 am

Tower still had his shield raised in front of his allies, denying the hivestalkers the ability to use their claws and their self destruct ability. "daniel, how much specimens do you need, and exactly how alive do they need to be?" he yells at daniel trying to overpower the gunfire. He had his sword sheathed for a while now and instead grabbed the hivestalkers by their neck, tail or legs and tossed them into walls or into the ground.

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Daniel Becker
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#2PostSubject: Re: drawing shapes (P thread)   Mon May 01, 2017 8:09 pm

Screamed Sarah, this scream was somehow loder than constant ratling of her minigun, which still spewed lead at coming waves of beasts, riping them to shreads, tearing limbs from body leaving nothing but rather nasty looking remains. Tower would probably ask Sarah what the fuck did she just said to him, but he would not get an answer for she would again regresed to creaming some random incoherent things in German. But then our lovly wimpy Medic came to the rescue explaining what his sister had just said
- Well Sarah said that Daniel had suffered an malfunction whic rendered him speachless and motionless, in other words he will be parylyzed and mute untill he can be repaired, but I belive that he would want at least two specimens that are fairly intact, they do not need to be alive but well geting one alive would bring more options for experimentation

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#3PostSubject: Re: drawing shapes (P thread)   Tue May 09, 2017 4:33 pm

"Well I'd suggest we'd get those fuckers and then get the fuck out!" Jessie shouted as she suddenly broke formation. Running into a the front line of Hive stalkers charging at them, Jessie suddenly buckled down, now sliding down across the room. She did this as one came charging at her. Slashing one of her scythes across the creatures foot, she easily took it off with one strike. As it began to fall over, Jessie swung her other scythe up taking off it's claws. Taking a step aside she let the disgusting creature fall to the ground. Twirling her scythe in her right hand, she struck down on the creatures shoulder, then threw it over to the group.

"There's your damn specimen." Jessie said flicking the creatures blood off her scythes. The Hive stalker was half alive, still screaming in agony, but it had no ability to attack or move.

From behind Jessie came the soft clicking of another hive stalker. The group would of been able to see the creature standing up on it's hind legs raising one of it's claws, ready to strike Jessie down. Then in a split second Jessie twirled around and brought of her scythes up, striking the creatures neck at full force, throwing it into the ground. "Fucker..."

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drawing shapes (P thread)

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