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 The Beag Model

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Faction#1PostSubject: The Beag Model   Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:08 pm

The Miotal

A number of Iarann had come together, seeking to create a new type of Golem. Thy had wanted to create a Golem whose sole purpose was to double the power of any mage, granted that there were enough of the Golems that is. The production of the prototypes was easy enough.

They began by assembling a normal Golemic Core. They took naturally forming crystals from the ground and infused them with pure mana. Then, absorbing this mana, the crystal would grow and change their shape into a large sphere. The size and capabilities of a Golemic Core is determined by the skill of the Miotal and the type of crystal used.

After the production of the Core came the separation. The Iarann merely split the core up into a thousand fragments. It should have worked, as they were all legitimate Cores. However, The Cores all acted separately, making the use of them as a cohesive unit impossible.

The Iarann would have to solve this before they allowed a mage to test them for practical use.

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The Beag Model

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