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#1PostSubject: Odin   Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:53 pm

Name: Philip Kearney, "Odin"
Species: Tenebris Variant 1 (Human)
Age: 25
Faction: N/A
Alignment: Good Lawful

Odin has dark brown hair and deep green eyes. Due to being a several generations descendant of those that first landed on Tenebris, Odin has streaks of white running through his hair. His skin is also very pale. He does incredibly well in heat as long as it isn't a stagnant heat. Odin stands at 5 feet and 10 inches. Coupled with his average height, Odin's musculature is quite lean. However, this, by no means, makes him weak. Odin's muscles are also fairly well defined.

Odin has a fairly quiet presence, except for when he is excited, nervous, or when the topic is something he enjoys. He is a kind man, but when betrayed his retaliation is ferocious. Odin prefers the company of animals to people. Though, it is not impossible to get him to warm up to another person.



Exceptionally good at breeding and genetic manipulation
Is somewhat good with people

Terrible with weapons of any kind, and is absolutely no help in a fight.


An earpiece for communicating with Lucy and a thin computer that looks like an armband (kind of like an extremely thin pitboy).

He can see in the dark better than most and deals with heat rather well.

Odin was born in the only city on Tenebris. Like most children, Odin had gone to school until he was twelve. Unlike most though, he had been abandoned by his parents as a newborn. Many children took to teasing him about this, saying that his parents had joined the Dark Tribes and that he should go ahead and follow in their footsteps. 

Isolated by his peers, Odin took to spending most of his time in the Biology Pod of the old settlement ship. The pod had been outfitted with all sorts of contraptions, including those designed for altering a creature's DNA. When he was fifteen Odin accidentally switched on the pod's AI system. The original inhabitant of the pod had named his AI Lucy, after learning that it thought of itself as a female.

Lucy, overjoyed at being brought back online proceeded to teach Odin how to use all of the pod's technology. Lucy also carried within her data banks the genomes of many of Earth's lifeforms. Odin learned of the fate of the original settlers and the origins of the Dark Tribes from Lucy. After learning of the events Odin tried to tell others about them, but no one wanted to listen and Odin was soon cast out as a heretic. Odin quickly left the city in a truck that he had loaded the pod into. Now, it was only him and Lucy against what seemed to be the entire world.



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