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 Archangel Terra

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#1PostSubject: Archangel Terra   Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:31 am

Name: Terra Vulpin
Species: Weakened Angel
Age: 40 earth years but looks in her 20s
Faction: One of the Queens in, Knights of the Holy Queens
Alignment: Lawful Good


Terra is very adept in Holy Magic
She can sometimes sense when mass genocide has happened about 1 minute before it happens.
Her sword fighting skills are somewhat good
Prayer magic

Physical Strength and resilience to physical attack
Her wings make her a very large target in mid-flight
Her ability to sense some instants of genocide when it has happened is slowly driving her insane
She is extremely merciful, which can easily be taken advantage of.

Terra has a blade made of Angel steel, which is an alloy that is enchanted lightly to have a better durability
She has two wrist bands that are made of black sewd leather.
Her dresses are usually made of cloth but on special occasions they will be silk

Prayer Magic (Dev thread:
Basic Holy magic

Terra was born on Heaven, she grew up there and was raised there. Something was different about her though, she was half human, her father was a human and her mother, an Angel. Several years passed and finally she went to school. She was harassed and bullied because of her father. This went on for several years, but she mostly learned how to ignore it. For the last few years of her schooling her classmates had stopped picking on her so much and she made friends with some of them. Then the Demonic Crusade. She charged into battle with some her friends and saw most of them be brutally killed. After the fall of Heaven Terra had to leave her friends to face torture and killing, it tore her apart. She seeked refuge at the farthest place from Heaven. Prometheus. There she met two knights Michael and Gabriel who worshiped Terra. She helped them build a city and little by little. Then the demons attacked and Michael and Gabriel were both killed in the fight trying to protect the Holy City. Now after the second attack of the demons and the complete purge of them from Prometheus Terra fears of more advanced civilizations destroying the knights and the city.


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Archangel Terra

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