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Heroic Writer
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#1PostSubject: Griz   Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:46 pm

Name: Griz
Species: Human / cyborg
Age: 25
Faction: The Reich
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral


Military training


Hero Complex


Explosives Expert
Cybernetic Limbs
Cybernetic Lungs
Cybernetic Eye


Griz was born into the world under the name of Nathaniel Francis Griswald.  His parents both wealthy merchants were enchanted with the idea of having a child and then did so.  The enchantment and mystery soon ended when they realized just how much work having a child was.  From the very begining Griz was left without parental figures as they hired a small army to look after him.  In most cases the small army was more interested in what they could get from mom and dad then in actually taking care of the newborn.  This state of affairs helped mold Griz into the figure that he currently is.


From the age of three to the age of twelve Griz was taught at home by the best tutors that money could procure.  While stuck at home he had the best of everything his parents could buy for him.  The best cloths, the best games, the best anything and everything his heart desired.  This constant buying brought with it a disdain for both his parents and for the finer things in life.  It also set into motion his being sent away from home to a military school.  At the military school he went through pre-military officer training from the age of 13 through his 18th year.  At 18 he graduated from school with honors and was pleased to accepts his nonination into an actual military academy where he would receive further training as well as recieve his commision after five years.


The college years also influenced Griz by sharply honing his fierce independant nature.  He firmly cemented his philosophy that only he could help himself to achieve anything in life at this point.  Team building drills and excercises came and went with Griz participating and acting as if the team meant something to him, they were a means to an end.  After a year of general education requirements Griz began working towards a degree in chemisty as well as military history.  It was the chemistry career path that would shape his future career choice.


A chance chemistry assignment had Griz scouring paper documents in the school archives when he stumbled upon a document from a bygone century.  Blowing dust from the document he was enchanted by the title, Improvised Explosive Devices.  The document not only told of their history but came general schematics for the preparation and use of said devices.  It took Griz only a short time to work up the courage to build and use one such weapon and after seeing the destruction that it was able to unleash he found himself hooked.  He made a point of talking to his commandant at the academy about what kind of field he could possibly obtain in the military.  When he was told about combat engineers and the role they played he was sold on the possibilities.  From that point on he dedicated mind, body, and soul to becoming the best combat engineer ever.


Graduation and his commision as an officer in the engineering corps was one of the happiest days of his life.  He didn't bother looking out over the parade ground knowing his parents couldn't have cared less about it.  Instead he found his mind already wandering wondering where his first assignment would be and how he would be able to learn even more.  His first assignment was in a litle shit hole outpost where he was relegated to playing infantryman.  He quickly found it to be a mixed blessing as he was forced to become proficient, and more, with the tools of the trade.  In his case tools of the trade meant assault rifles, grenades, and grenade launchers of all sorts.  The ability to cause explosions from a distance soon became a thrill for Griz and he could be found at the base's firing range nearly all day every day perfecting his craft.


As the Reich geared up for yet another war it soon became known the enemy was utilizing a vast array of deadly mines and IEDs.  Massive casualties resulted in a call from those high in the military to form a special unit tasked with finding and dismantling these weapons.  Those in the unit would have to be incredibly skilled in exposives already and they would have to be elite soldiers.  Unknown to Griz his time at the range hadn't been unnoticed.  A call was put out and his name was put into the bowl as somebody that could potentially fulfill he requirements.  A few days later his superior handed him a new set of orders assigning him to begin training for a new special teams force. 


The intense six week long course quickly weeded out, or blew up, those who were not qualified.  Massive amounts of time was spent dismantling bombs and mines to the point the men could almost do it blind folded with a rock, a spoon, and a cup of tea.  Those few who were able to make it past the six week course were forced to then go through a variety of extreme weapons training courses.  The courses were designed to truly test the minds of the canidates as with live bombs ticking away next to them are with bullets flying by they were forced to disarm the bomb as well as to take out the targets firing at them.  Griz excelled at both courses and was quickly heralded as the golden boy of the new unit.


By the time the training was complete the minor war had been settled and life in the Reich resumed as if it had never happened.  The once all important training was set aside as other threats became increasingly more severe.  The unit however had been made operational and Griz was put in charge of it temporarily until higher could find somebody more qualified to run it.  Griz wasted no time putting the unit through the paces day after gueling day.  He was a firm believer that they should be a fine precision instrument tuned to deliver however and whenever necessary.  His leadership style left a considerable amount to be desired and his men began to grumble behind his back.  The situation persisted for a year.


The year came and went with the unit continuing its rigorous training until Griz recieved the call he had been waiting on.  The Reich was once again at war with somebody once again utilizing a high number of mines and IEDs.  Unexploded ordanance littered battlefields as well causing massive casualties as they would randomly explode whenever they felt like it.  Griz and his team were going to war.  The first month came and went with no casualties whatsoever.  Then came the day that changed Griz's life. 


It should have been a simple task to disarm the mine.  Something about it looked off to Griz though.  He carefully opened the casing to find a complex triggering device inside.  An oh shit passed though his mind a fraction of a second before the mine blew apart taking with it his left eye, right lung, and injuring all four limbs.  While not all of his men liked Griz there were men who respected him.  Additionally they felt with his injuries there was no way he would be allowed to remain a part of the team.   Tourniquettes were put on his limbs and the men found a way to get him to a field hospital.  There it was found in order to keep him alive he would require his limbs to be amputated.  A call to higher headquarters from the one man loyal to him set wheels in motion that would make Griz come back stronger than before.


Griz was transfered from the front lines to a specialty hospital where surgery after surgery were performed on him.  His four limbs were removed and cybernetic limbs were attached as replacements.  His left eye was removed and replaced with a cybernetic one.  His lungs were removed and replaced with cybernetic ones as well.  The operations took well over a week to perform all the while Griz was in a drug induced haze.  The healing process took longer lasting approximately a month and then the real work began.  Griz had to learn how to utilize the weapon that he had become.  Had to train his mind to do the simple things he had taken for granted before.  With his passion for explosives undiminished Griz went to work with a vengeance.  His rehab took him over a year to complete but now he is ready to once again face the world.
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Heroic Writer
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#2PostSubject: Re: Griz   Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:30 pm


Just trying to see if that would work within the confines of your faction or not...
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