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 Infantry Weapons

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#1PostSubject: Infantry Weapons   Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:20 am

The Nightingale

The Nightingale is an automatic weapon with a maximum effective range of 500 meters. The weapon utilises a battery pack integrated into a "magazine" that is inserted into the underside of the weapon, directly below the trigger. The battery pack allows for approximately 5000 shots to be fired before depleting. Initial designs had integrated a self-renewing battery pack that could recharge on its own but it proved to be too unreliable due to slow recharge rates. The battery pack, once depleted, can be replaced by new ones in a similar way to how loading a new magazine into a rifle works.

The weapon features magnetic field generators that shape and guide the plasma bolt towards its target. The generators siphon power off the battery pack in order to do this and allow for 960 bolts to be fired a minute. After the bolts reach the maximum range of 500 meters, the magnetic field collapses and disperses the plasma.

The rifle also features an ammunition counter located on a diagonal section of the rifle, above one of the side vents. A smart-link system connects the Nightingale to the user's HUD should they have them which displays for them the rifle's ammunition count as well as its targeting reticule. The Nightingale is composed of a material that represents carbon fibre but has the strength and density of titanium referred to as Kalgenite.

B125 Light Machine Gun

The B125 features .50 calibur explosive kinetic rounds for its ammunition. Each round consists of an explosive charge encased within it. The charge is set off when the tip of the round hits its target. The size of the round allows it to penetrate heavier armour and the impact sets off a charge that is designed to be delayed for a split second before the entire round itself detonates. This allows for the bullet to penetrate its target so that the detonation occurs inside the wound. The weapon is designed for use against heavily armoured targets and supports 72 rounds per drum magazine. The weapon features a 2x scope for more accuracy along with a foldable stand attached underneath it as well as a laser targeting system. It is quite large and heavy compared to other automatic weapons such as the Nightingale Plasma Rifle. The B125 is composed of Kalgenite, like all other GSU weaponry.

The Executioner


The Executioner is the latest sidearm to be issued to all Colonial Marines in service of the GSU. The weapon replaces all other UNSC sidearms due to its superior stopping power due to each round's explosive effect, accuracy over long ranges and rate of fire. An alternate, weaker version of this weapon exists for civilian use, notably law enforcement officers. This alternate version utilises standard 12.7x40mm semi armour-piercing rounds without the explosive warheads to reduce collateral damage. However military-grade pistols are still issued to special forces of the law enforcement.

The weapon is also composed Kalgenite which visually represents carbon fibre but has the strength and density of titanium. It also features a smart-link feature that connects to the user's HUD, should they have one. This system displays the weapon's ammunition count as well as targeting reticule. The smart-link system also projects a 2x zoom function onto the user's HUD. If the user lacks a HUD, this zoom function is holographically projected on top of the weapon's sights.

M103 Submachine Gun

The M103 Submachine Gun is an automatic close-quarters firearm primarily used in CQC engagements. It's proximity-fused explosive warheads add a damage boost to the impact of each projectile which allow it to penetrate armour and shielding more easily, the same rounds used for The Executor. The weapon is supplied its ammunition through magazines that are slotted into a compartment located on the top of the weapon. Each magazine contains 60 rounds with an ROF of 900 rounds/min.
A civilian version of the weapon exists where the rounds used are normal semi-armour piercing without the explosive warheads, currently in use by law enforcement. A version of the weapon suited to stealth missions also exists, which feature normal semi-armour piercing rounds along with an attached silencer.

While the weapon features reflex sights, it also features smart-link technology that connects the weapon to the user's HUD (should they have a helmet equipped) which enables them to fire more accurately without having to look down the sights. The SMG, along with all other GSU weaponry, is made primarily of Kalgenite.

Blizzard Marksman Rifle Mk.1

The BMR is a long-range rifle that can be considered a weaker version of the Thunderbolt sniper rifle. The weapon utilises coilgun technology to fire metallic spheres at supersonic speeds reaching Mach 5. The speed of the projectile builds up enough kinetic energy to completely pass  through unarmoured or unshielded targets at long ranges. The rifle is able to tear through light armour with a few well placed shots, but has trouble against heavier armour. This is where the Thunderbolt sniper rifle succeeds against its counterpart. Each shot can be rapid-fired with a fraction of a second delay between each one fired. Each magazine supports 50 rounds.

Features include a 4x optical zoom, a secondary firing mode that switches the weapon to single-shot to a three-round burst. Like all GSU weapons, the weapon is composed of Kalgenite.

The Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is an automatic shotgun and latest addition to the Colonial Military, replacing the now-obsolete M90 shotgun. The weapon has a high rate of fire and devastating stopping power over short-to-medium ranges. The weapon is fed ammunition through a changeable drum-magazine attached to its underside. The magazine allows for 24 shots to be fired before reloading is necessary. Each "shot" is a specially designed shell containing highly energised particles within it. When each shot is fired, the energised particles are released through the barrel. The barrel itself is lined with electrical conductors that keep the particles energised throughout their journey in the barrel.

A magnetic field generator causes the particles to be launched in a "cone" shape outwards. The energised particles are similar to those used for energy shielding - except more unstable. Therefore if a direct shot doesn't kill the target, the whiplash caused by the energy field will likely add to the damage or finish the target off. The particles themselves are able to cause cellular disintegration to flesh. Each shell is ejected from the weapon while another is loaded using the energy generated by the previous shot. The weapon features vents on each side that dump heat out from either end to prevent overheating and malfunctioning.

The weapon is composed of part Kalgenite (which is a material that normally looks like carbon fibre with the strength and density of titanium) and part titanium alloy. It also features a smart-link system that connects the weapon to the user's HUD and displays it's ammunition count and reticule.

The Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt Sniper Rifle is a powerful weapon that utilises a series of electromagnetic coils lining the weapon's barrel that activate sequentially and thus propel the 5.4mm/.21 metallic projectile through the muzzle at supersonic speeds. The projectile's travel time is 9 miles a second with enough kinetic energy upon impact to shatter concrete targets completely. Upon hitting an actual human, the immense shockwaves generated by the impact would rip the individual apart. Each magazine has the dual function of supplying the rounds into the weapon as well as acting as a battery from which power is derived to launch the projectile. Each magazine contains 16 projectiles. The scope has a range of 2 miles with a night-vision mode. The weapon is composed of Kalgenite.

The Heartseeker

The Heartseeker is an anti-armour rocket launcher that fires up to six heat-seeking missiles between reloads. The weapon features an onboard computer that allows the user to "lock on" to targets which enable each missile to track its target effectively. Up to six targets can be locked on this way which enables the weapon's "burst fire" mode where all six rockets are fired rapidly one after the other. The weapon also features a scope which has SMART-LINK capabilities should the user have a HUD. The scope can also be holographically projected by the weapon itself if this is not the case. Each rocket's blast radius encompasses a maximum of five meters from the detonation point. The weapon, like all other Blizzard-Tech developed weapons, is composed of Kalgenite.
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Infantry Weapons

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