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 Raven meets the Seraphim. Aesir development thread.

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Private#1PostSubject: Raven meets the Seraphim. Aesir development thread.   Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:05 am

Despite H&M having only existed for less than a year they were rapidly expanding. In seven months they had managed to reverse engineer Mjolnir armour and were already setting up yet another project: a battle suit called the Aesir. The project's secretive director knew his department's biggest weakness was their lack of manpower. H&M only had about fifty agents, including their Ravens, who could actually fight a damn and even then they only had basic firearms training and very little experience. With that weakness currently kept under wraps due to the secretive nature of the project the director had decided to do something about it hence why he was activating the Aesir project. The purpose of the Aesir project was to create a highly adaptable battle designed to be easily used thanks to the support of an on-board A.I. It was supposed to make a "normal" soldier equal to a score of ten men or more and would hopefully give H&M some much needed firepower if it ever came to that. The question one should ask though is why did the project's director feel he needed such firepower for what was essentially a glorified research project? 

On the dawn of a windless morning Apolloyon was standing at attention on a moon located on the very rim of GNU territory. The moon had once been home to a trading post but due to the ever unstable nature of business it had gone bust. Now it was merely an abandoned series of warehouses, lodgings and space ports or so one would think looking at it from a distance. If one did bother to actually investigate the planet they would find obvious signs of activity;. Ships coming and going, people walking to and fro from work and above all of that the sounds of construction work. Each and every abandoned warehouse had been converted into a construction yard for whatever was being built here. It was for the exact reason that the work being undertaken here was why Apolloyon was on station. Standing at the primary landing platform, which fortunately was on the dark side of the moon like the rest of make shift facility, was the Raven. Decked out in her full suit of Sleipnir armour she was standing at attention back straight a large rifle resting on her back. She was awaiting for the arrival of a representative from Clan Kyodain for while H&M easily had the expertise to actually build the Aesir they lacked access to a sufficiently intelligent A.I to assist in running it. Obviously they could not request an A.I and so had arranged an under the tables deal with Clan Kyodain to acquire their expertise in return for certain military technology.

"They should be arriving soon." Apolloyon said more to herself than anybody as she rolled her neck loosening the stiff muscles. Apolloyon may have looked the part of a Spartan in her armour but she was not one by any means; she lacked their impressive height as the most visual of all the indicators but if one familiar with Mjolnir armour looked closer they would see notable differences. Even though she was a trained soldier Apolloyon was rather giddy with excitement. She had seen what was being created by project Aesir and was incredibly eager to see it finished; she was after all the only member of project H&M vested in the driving of heavy vehicles such as tanks. It was obvious to anybody involved in the project that her involvement in the Aesir's construction would eventually climax with her serving as a test pilot. At least that was the reality Apolloyon had convinced herself of. The truth of the matter was her involvement in the project was to actually point out the weaknesses such a ponderous vehicle would have. The Aesir would not be a tank that was true but it would be made of similar materials and given Apolloyon's expertise in EVA her input was a welcomed thing. The armoured female looked up at the sky picking up what she swore was the sound of a space bound vessel making its approach. Hopefully the Kyodains remembered to bring oxygen with them; the moon lacked an external atmosphere after all.
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Raven meets the Seraphim. Aesir development thread.

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