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 Updated 1.5 - Major Rework

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#1PostSubject: Updated 1.5 - Major Rework   Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:26 am

Old Rank System Disabled
Claiming the four tiers of rank from a thread is no longer in place in favor of both originality and respect of other peoples ideas.

New Posting Rank System In Place
Accounts will now rise in posting rank at intervals of 25-50-75-100-150-200-250-300-350-400-450-500, earning stars on their rank title in the process. These will help reflect how active a character is and how much they have contributed to the site. Admins and Moderators will have their title instead of these ranks.

Judges Removed, Replace with Global and Support Moderators
Roleplay, Forge, and Codex Judges have all been removed. The staff now consists of Administrator, Global Moderator, and Support Moderator.

Administrators will remain the top level of Staff, handling final approvals, map updates, rank assignment, and all major decisions.
Global Moderators will manage the community in case of issues or reports, aswell as being the first to review Codex Submissions (for now).
Support Moderators have not been assigned to anyone yet, but in the future they will handle smaller cases and review Codex Submissions.

The Factory and Codex will combine into The Codex
There was no reason to seperate the two, and so all submissions will come under the Codex and be reviewed by one moderating team.

Removal of Companies, Discontinuation of Trade and Economy
These systems that were going to be implemented don't work in our site. First of all we're too small, and secondly we don't want to systemise everything in terms of items, armour and places. The Codex will be optional for writing on this site.

Level and EXP system in place
Characters now gain EXP for participating in noticable events such as Dominions, Invasions, Main Story Events, or prominent Side Stories. Every 100 EXP points a character will attain the next level, to a current maximum of 50. Exact details on limits, rewards, and numbers will come shortly.

Updated Topic Icons
The Topic Icons have been updated with a new look. Some examples:

Also the tag has been added to mark a thread that is privately between you and certain writers (so the opposite to Public).
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Updated 1.5 - Major Rework

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